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Name index list for Anderson, Beckett, Hibbert, and Jeans family tree

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Brigadier-General Acland


Very Reverend Sir George Adam-Smith
Margaret Elphinstone Adam-Smith


Mary Adamson


Nelson Aguilar b.1970


Kerstin Ahlund b.1891


Amelia Ainsworth b.14 February 1783 d.1861-71
Dorothy Ainsworth b.10 September 1794
Edward Ainsworth b.10 September 1800
Elizabeth Ainsworth b.30 October 1788
Harriet Ann Ainsworth b.14 December 1797
Mary Ainsworth b.14 November 1791
Peter Ainsworth
Peter Ainsworth b.1711 at Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire d.1780
Peter Ainsworth b.29 May 1787
Richard Ainsworth b.5 March 1874
Thomas Ainsworth of Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire b.14 December 1758
Thomas Ainsworth b.22 July 1790
Thomas Hargreaves Ainsworth b.19 February 1796 d.13 February 1841
William Ainsworth b.2 June 1799


Charlotte May Alexander b.1922
Elizabeth Alexander, died 1870 aged 82
Gilbert Alexander
Henry Alexander b.1875 d.1940
Henry Gavin Alexander b.1925
Laura Alexander d.1942


Count Jean William de Pomereu d'Aligré b.1969
Théodore Robert Irvine d'Aligré b.2000


Beverley Anketell Allen b.13 February 1919


Anne Allerdas


Charles Peter Allix
Laura Matilda Ethelwyn Allix b.14 May 1867 d.4 January 1936


Isobel Ferrier Ambler


_____ Anderson (1) of English Mill Inverugie. b.circa 1560
_____ Anderson (2) of English Mill Inverugie. b.circa 1600
Adelaide Mary Anderson b.1863 d.1936
Agnes Susan Anderson b.1859 d.1928
Alan Garrett Anderson
Alexander Anderson
Alexander Anderson, Burgess of Aberdeen
Alexander Anderson (1) b.1640 d.1715 of English Mill, Inverugie.
Alexander Anderson (2) b.1676 d.1754 of English Mill, Inverugie.
Alexander Anderson (3) b.1721 d.1794.
Alexander "Nosey" Anderson (4) RN b.1747 d.1806.
Alexander Anderson b.1773
Alexander Anderson b.1779
Alexander "Sandy" Anderson (5) RN b.1784 d.1812.
Alexander Anderson b.1793
Reverend Alexander 'Govie' Anderson (6) b.1808 d.1884
Alexander Anderson d.1848.
Alexander Gavin Anderson b.1833
Alexander J. Anderson b.1863 d.1888
Alexander James Anderson b.1879
Alexander Anderson b.1885
Alexina Mackay Anderson b.1789 d.1865
Alison Rosemary Anderson b.1930
Amelia Anderson b.1798
Amelia Anderson b.1808 d.1886
Amelia Anderson b.1867 d.1906
Andrew Thomson Anderson b.1849
Ann Anderson
Ann Anderson
Ann Anderson b.1798
Ann Innes Anderson b.1810 d.1871
Anne Anderson b.1822 d.1879
Anthony Marischal b.1892
Arbuthnot George Anderson b.1843 d.1892
Arthur Anderson b.1847
Arthur Stewart Innes Anderson b.1877
Austin Innes Anderson b.1897
Barbara Blanche Anderson b.1922
Bertha Warden Anderson b.1862
Blanche Emily Anderson b.1869 d.1904
Caroline Anderson
Caroline Anderson b.1801
Catherine Anderson b.1778
Catherine Anderson b.1809 d.1893
Catherine Anderson b.1817 d.1896
Cecil Anderson b.1872
Charles Anderson b.1784
Charlotte Anderson b.1842
Charlotte Elizabeth "Tattie" Anderson b.1848
"China" John Anderson b.16 November 1825 d.9 July 1903
Christina Helen Mcleod "Nellie" Anderson b.1850
Christine Anderson
Constance Mary Innes Anderson b.1879
Edmund Anderson
Eliane Gabrielle Ford Anderson b.1875
Eliza Fraser Anderson b.1850
Eliza Ramsay Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson b.1681
Elizabeth Andersonb.1718
Elizabeth Anderson of South Ronaldsay, Orkney, Scotland b.1794 d.1838
Elizabeth Anderson b.1854 d.1908
Emily Anderson b.1853
Ferlina Anderson b.1803
Ferlina Anderson b.1816 d.1865
Ferlina Anderson d.1865
Ferlina Anderson b.1819 d.1836
Frances Anne Anderson b.1835
Frances Elizabeth Anderson b.1870
Francis James Skelton Anderson b.1832
George Anderson
George Anderson
George Anderson b.1724
George Anderson b.1751 d.1834
George Anderson b.1778 d.1819
George Anderson (VIII 42) b.1822 d.1910
George Anderson b.1856
George Douglas Anderson b.1870 d.1902
George Gilbert Anderson b.1819 d.1870
George Gilbert Anderson b.1851 d.1927
George Sackville Anderson
George Skelton Anderson b.1838
Georgina Anderson b.1799
Georgina Anderson b.1813 d.1900
Georgina Anderson b.1820 d.1898
Gilbert Anderson, merchant skipper, of Aberdeen.
Gladys Anderson
Hannah Anderson b.1808
Heather Marguerite Innes Anderson b.1881
Helen Louisa Anderson b.1883
Helen McLeod Anderson b.1875
Hew Skelton Anderson b.1900
Sir Hugh Kerr Anderson b.1865 d.1928
Hughina Forbes Anderson b.1796
Isabella Anderson
Isabella J. Anderson b.1859
Isobel Campbell Anderson b.1864 d.1935
James Anderson
James Anderson, 1st of Rispond b.1746 d.1828
James Anderson, 2nd of Rispond b.1776 d.1854
James Anderson b.1782 d.1863
James Anderson "High Priest" of Morpeth (VII 52) b.1796 d.1882
James "The Old Frog" Anderson b.1811 d.1897
James Anderson b.1833
James Blaikie Anderson b.1852 d.1909
James George Skelton Anderson b.1838 d.1907
James Joseph Anderson b.1828 d.1828
James Skelton Anderson b.1855
James Skelton Anderson b.1897
Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson b.1754
Jane Anderson b.1781
Jane Anderson b.1857 d.1865
Janet Anderson b.1787
Janet Anderson b.1811 d.1864
Janet Dunbar Anderson b.1805
Janet Gibb Anderson b.1849 d.1924
Janet Innes Anderson b.May 1829 d. d.12 May 1910 (death certificate)
Jean A. Anderson b.1900
Jemima Anderson b.1829 d.1909
Jemima Marshall Anderson b.1842
Jemima Skelton Anderson b.1859
Joan Anderson b.1833 d.1877
Joan Ford Anderson b.1812
John Anderson
John Anderson
John Anderson b.1715
John Anderson b.1764 d.1855
'General' John Anderson b.1787 d.1858
"China" John Anderson b.16 November 1825 d.9 July 1903
John Ford Anderson (1) b.1784 d.1812
John Ford Anderson (2) b.1840 d.1933
Lieutenant-Commander John Frances Ford Anderson RN b.1882 d.1939
Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Anderson b.1790 d.1877
Juliet Anderson
June Mary Anderson b.1925
Kathleen Douglas Anderson
Kenneth Angus Anderson b.1898
Kenneth Royse Anderson b.1926
Kenneth Skelton Anderson b.1866
Lily Anderson
Louisa Garrett Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Margaret Anderson b.1795
Margaret Anderson b.1806 d.1890
Margaret Amelia Anderson b.1863 living at Peterhead in 1936
Margaret Jane Anderson b.1841
Margaret Skelton Anderson b.1851 d.1903
Margaret Skelton Anderson b.1875
Marion Gabrielle Ford Anderson b.1879
Marjorie Elizabeth Anderson b.1929
Marshall Anderson b.1869 d.1887
Martha Anderson
Mary Anderson b.1783
Mary Anderson b.1786
Mary Ford Anderson b.1810 d.1891
Mary Anderson b.1827
Mary Anderson b.1827 d.1858
Mary Adamson Anderson b.1837
Mary Charlotte Anderson b.1874
Mary Désirée Anderson b.1902
Mary J. Anderson b.1896
Mary Jane Anderson b.1856
Mary Scott Anderson b.1873
Maxwell Gavin Anderson b.1862 d.1949
May Charlotte Anderson b.1881
Muriel Edith Innes Anderson b.1881
Murray Anderson b.1860
Nicol Keith Anderson b.1882
Norah Ford Anderson b.1891 d.1973.
Patrick Anderson b.1835
Ralf William Anderson b.1876
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson b.1796
Robert Anderson b.1807
Robert Anderson b.1840
Robert Anderson of Invershin, Sutherland b.between 1751 and 1764
Rose Anderson b.1825 d.1911
Rupert Anderson b.1802
Ruth Anderson b.1870
Stephen Gilbert Anderson
Thomas Anderson b.1786
Walter Archibald Anderson b.1872 d.1935
William Anderson
William Anderson of Brora, Sutherland
William Anderson of Whitby, Lake Ontario b.1780 d.1862
Captain William Anderson b.1786 d.1864
William Anderson b.1801
William Anderson b.1815 d.1857
William A. Anderson b.1897 d.1916
William B. Anderson b.1861 d.1900
William James Anderson (no relation) of Techmuiry and Hatton
William Richard Anderson b.1844

Anne of Denmark, 2nd daughter of Frederick II of Denmark.


Eliza Arbuthnot d.1847 aged 27
George Arbuthnot


Cicely Archdale


Esther Joy Archer b.24 May 1926
Norman Ernest Archer b.27 August 1892
Ronald Walter Archer b.12 December 1929
Walter Edward Archer


Richard William Arden b.1959
William Arden b.2001


Mary Frances Arnold


Margaret Arroll
Unknown Arroll

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Alison Mildred Bailey b.28 April 1926
Anne Bailey b.?1946
Beatrice J Bailey b.9 October 1893 d.14 September 1972
Charles Edwin Bailey Bailey b.1862 d.4 March 1895
Edith Maude Bailey b.1889
Jack Bailey b.20 September 1915
Jack Bailey b.6 October 1946
Sydney Arthur Bailey b.9 November 1890 d.July 1979
Sydney William Bailey b.June 1918
Sydney William Bailey b.1944


Agnes Donald Barker b.1863 d.1947
Alexander Edward Barker b.1862 d.1911
Charles Davidson Barker b.1868 d.1935
Claud Marshall Barker b.1872 died young
Reverend David Barker d.1831 aged 30
Edmund Shelley Barker b.1867
Elizabeth Margaret Barker b.1915
Francis James Barker b.1869 d.1943
Hannah Cowan Barker b.1872 d.1877
Henry Gell Barker b.1864 d.1925
Henry Martyn Barker b.1829 d.1917
Herbert Mayer Barker b.1877 d.1942
Jane Barker
Jane Corbett Barker b.1875
Margaret Frances Shelley Barker b.1899
Mary Gavin Barker b.1865


Amelia Louisa Barry b.1996
Charles Robert Hayden Barry b.1990
Gordon William Symonds Barry b.1994
Patrick Hayden Barry b.1924
William Hayden Barry b.1957


Caroline Barton


Reverend Attwell Baylay
Mrs Katherine Bompas née BAYLAY


Adrienne Patricia Baylis


Mabel Beaty d.1947


Anne Walker Beckett b.19 February 1843
Antoinette Gabrielle Brenner Beckett
Ava Beckett (Harris) b.2013
Beryl Beckett b.23 December 1928 d.26 June 1989 in Paignton, Devon
Catherine Violet Neale Beckett b.16 September 1988 d.21 September 1988
Charles Edward Beckett b.3 June 1860 at Rutherglen, Glasgow
Charles Murray Beckett
Elisabeth Gilberte Innnes Beckett b.29 July 1924 d.7 February 2009
James Robertson Beckett b.20 March 1855
Jane Beckett b.12 January 1846
Jane Bremner Beckett b.1 September 1858 at Rutherglen, Glasgow
Mary Robertson Beckett b.10 March 1862 at Rutherglen, Glasgow
Oliphant Beckett b.25 November 1856 at Rutherglen, Glasgow
Poppy Victoria Neale Beckett b.1986
His Honour Ronald Brymer Beckett
Theodora Rose Neale Beckett b.1990
William Beckett b.around 1780
Reverend William Beckett b.1812
William Beckett b.26 January 1851 at Rutherglen, Glasgow
William Luke Murray (Hibbert) Beckett 'Beau' b.1953


George Bell


Anne Thomson Berridge b.1906 d.1996
Richard Berridge


Laura Agneta Wellington Bevan


John Bicht b.1944


Hugh Francis Birley
Captain Sir Oswald Birley MC


Alexander Murray Bisset b.1878
Archibald Bisset
Charlotte Anderson Bisset
Douglas Bisset
Eric Murray Bisset b.1908
Florence Bisset
Florence Duthie Bisset
Hugh Bisset
James Bisset
John Douglas Bisset
Marcia Chisholm Bisset
Mary Innes Bisset
Ruth Bisset


Kari Ruth Blackburn b.1954
Lucy Patricia Blackburn b.1956
Robert Blackburn b.26 September 1927
Thomas Henry Blackburn


Helen Blaikie
John Blaikie


Cuthbert Bompas
Mrs Katherine Bompas née BAYLAY




Mrs Jane Goodman née Booth


Mary Love Boott


Earl and Countess of Bothwell


Frederick "Fritz" Bovet (1) b.1825 d.15 November 1913
Frederick Francis Bovet (2) b.4 September 1878
Colonel William Bovet b.1879 d.1918


Dorothea Boyd 'Dot'


Jeri Brain


Donald Bratt b.1893
Gustaf Franklin Bratt d.1909
Leif Goran Bratt b.1896
Mona Silvia Bratt b.1902


Jean Brenner b.7 February 1788


Honourable Lionel Gordon Balliol Brett


Barbara Mary Brook


Ada Minnie Broomfield


Jane Brown b.3am 29 October 1857
Jane Brown
Jane Wales Bryce Brown
Robert Brown


Lucy Victoria Browne-Clayton b.3 March 1878 d.3 February 1953
William Clayton Browne-Clayton


Captain Bruce


Andrew Bryce of Stirling
Anne Bryce
Jane Bryce


Mary Buchanan
Olga Millicent Buchanan b.31 October 1913 d.22 October 1986


Charles Bulpit of 4 Lyon Street, Southampton
Maria Bulpit b.1831


George Edward Busby
Vera Iris Katie Busby d.16 April 1981


David Butler b.1849
Hercules Butler b.1850
Reverend Walter Butler d.19 Feb 1857


Anne Victoria Buxton b.1936
Geoffrey Charles Buxton b.4 June 1879 d.8 March 1958
Hugh David Buxton b.1975
James Geoffrey Pease Buxton b.1939
Peter Stapleton Buxton b.14 October 1904 killed in action 18 July 1944
Rose Emma Buxton b.1973

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Isabella Cameron


Colonel Alexander Campbell
Blanche Emily Campbell b.1834 d.1905
Major Francis Eastwood Campbell b.1824 d.1911
Katherine Campbell of Oban, who lived 98 years
Lieut-Colonel James Campbell
Mary Campbell
Septimus Campbell


Alastair Lindsay Carlow b.1981
Charles Lindsay Carlow b.1976
Joanna Marion Carlow b.1984
Rob Lindsay Carlow b.1978
William Lindsay Carlow b.1946


Ina Carlsson b.1884


Mary Carroll d.7 November 1955
Theodore Carroll of Ringacoltig, County Cork

Veronica Carpenter


Charles Murray Cassidy
John Alphonso Cassidy
John Robert Cassidy
Michael Bernard Cassidy
Phillip Francis Cassidy


Colonel Douglas Edward Cayley


Antony Champion b.1928
Elisabeth Mary Champion b.1924
John Stuart Champion b.1921
Richard Shaw Champion


Elizabeth Gordon Chapman b.10 February 1914 d.18 January 1965
Gordon Chapman of Woodpeckers, Sandyway, Delamere, Cheshire
Madge Chapman b.around 1880 d.1 May 1964


Mr Cheyne, Master, RN


Countess Mary Angela Cholonieska


George Churcher
George Maurice Churcher b.2 August 1893


Ada Churton


Edith Mary Clapham b.1843 d.1914


John Lockie Clark d.1935
Jane Clark b.1882


Alastair John Clarke b.1936
Barbara Clarke b.1928
Ian Anderson Clarke b.1890 d.1939
James Bryce Clarke OBE b.1883 d.1958
James Clarke of Coleraine, Ireland
John Clarke b.1853 d.1939
Margaret Skelton Clarke b.1887
Marion Fairrie Clarke b.1889
Mary Gavin Clarke b.1881
Odette Margaret Clarke b.1916
Ruby Darling Clarke b.1885


Lucy Victoria Browne-Clayton b.3 March 1878 d.3 February 1953
William Clayton Browne-Clayton


Alexander Brodie Cochrane b.10 Feb 1813 d.26 June 1863
Annie Cochrane b.19 February 1855 d.1908


Adrian John Reginald Collins b.1954 in Sri Lanka
Mark John Ford Collins b.1987 at London
Seil Charlotte Collins b.1985 at London

Alice Clements Coltman b.1887 d.1975

Albert George Warner Inerd Cooper b.1883 at Woolwich d. 21 September 1949
Alison Margaret Cooper b.10 August 1918 d.30 June 1994
Angela Dorothy Cooper b.29 September 1921 d.5 October 1990
Daphne Mary Cooper b.5 April 1926 d.12 December 2005
Elizabeth Cooper b.13 October 1914 d.20 September 2001
Major Francis Cooper RA
Sheila Marion Cooper b.17 December 1916 d.21 July 2005


Andrew James Gerald Corbett b.1992
Catherine Amy Corbett b.1993
Richard Corbett


Albert Corley


Elizabeth Cossart


Anne Margaret Couchman
James Randall Couchman
Matthew Randall Couchman
Stanley Couchman


Amédée Coudron
Gabrielle Coudron


Beth Emily Coulson b.1986
David Robert Coulson b.1956
Robert Bernard Coulson b.1921
Stella Joan Coulson b.1962
Stephen Robert Coulson b.1988
Timothy Richard Coulson b.1991


Denis Cowan
Meriel Jessica Cowan


Agnes Veronica Cowell
Christina Katherine Cowell


Anne Cowen


George Trenchard Cox
Wiliam Pallet Cox


Isobel Cray d.1680


Alexander Creighton
Garden Laing Creighton d.1919 aged 55


Criek of Criek
Katherine Criek


Frances Anne Critchley d.16 April 1934
Walter Richard Critchley of Salwick Hall, Lancashire


Andrew Cruikshank b.1726
Ann Cruikshank
Ann Cruikshank
Anne Irvine Cruikshank
Barbara Cruikshank
Harry Cruikshank
Harry Cruikshank
John Cruikshank
Margaret Cruikshank
Margaret Cruikshank d.1805
Robert Cruikshank


Nora Curtis


Brian Murray Curwen b.1891
Cecil Neil Curwen b.1889 d.15 September 1916
David Neil Curwen b.1930
Jean Margaret Curwen b.1924
Patricia Lindsay Curwen b.1927
Thomas Cecil Curwen d.1922 aged 68
Thomas Taylor Curwen d.1879

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Dal Pozzo d'Annone

Aimone Claudio Dal Pozzo d'Annone b.1981
Marchese Cassiano Dal Pozzo d'Annone
Guendalina Mavis Teresa-Maria Dal Pozzo d'Annone b.1988


Helen Rosemary Dalzell b. 1949


Yolanda Constance Eugene Dambra b.1902 d.1964


William Dasheff


Elspet Davidson
James Davidson of English Mill, Inverugie


Ida Primrose Gordon Davies


John Dawson


Hamilton Quarles Dearborn b.3 June 1917 d.January 1977
Josiah Hibbert Dearborn b.1947
Laura Ann Dearborn b.1951


John Arthur Dibben
Margaret Dibben


Sarah Dickson b.1844
Selina Dickson b.1845


Anthony John Dixon b.1958
Christopher John Arnold Dixon b.5 Jun 1895
Hubert John Dixon
Phyllida Mary Dixon b.1960
Timothy James Dixon b.1962


Elizabeth Douglas d.1933


Hon Sybil Mary Douglas-Pennant b.1901 d.1975


James Drake
May Drake
William H Drake d.15 March 1956


Percy Draper, Chief Justice of Western Australia


Euphemia Drummond
John Lord Drummond of Stobhall and that ilk, Baron of Conesaig and Stewart of Strathearn
Lady Drummond
Margaret Drummond d.1501
Sybella Drummond


Phyllis Dyce Duckworth


Ann Duff


Jean Duncan


Lord David Paul Nicholas Dundas b.1945
Major Lawrence Aldred Mervyn Dundas, the Earl of Ronaldshay, 3rd Marquess of Zetland
Sir Lawrence John Lumley Dundas, 2nd Marquess of Zetland KG PC GSCI GCIE
Lawrence Mark Dundas, 4th Marquess of Zetland b.1937
Lord Richard Bruce Dundas b.1951
Serena Jane Dundas b.1940


Francis Thomas Dunn

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Isaac Henry Eakin
Kathleen Eakin


Clarence Eaton


Charles Page Eden
Mrs Vera Latimer née Eden


Arthur Wellesley Edis MD
Katherine Edis b.1880
Mary Olive Edis b.1876
Millie Edis b.1880


Eben Williams Wynne Edwards
Kathleen Myfanwy Wynne Edwards b.13 January 1894 d.9 May 1966


Mary Violet Eliot b.30 August 1910 d.22 April 1991
Lieutenant-Colonel Nevill Eliot CBE


Catherine Elrick d.1748 aged 59


Helen Mary Rhoda Epps b.2 May 1920


3rd Viscount Esher GBE


Ann Evans
Margaret Anwyl Evans

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James Farquhar b.16 Apr 1836
Unknown Farquhar


Lydia Fennel d.1807
T Fennel


Elizabeth Melrose Ferguson b.1881
Francis Forbes MacKay Ferguson
Dr H Ferguson
Inez Mary MacKay Ferguson
John MacKay Ferguson


Lizzie Fergusson

Frederick II of Denmark

Alistair Steven John Forrest b.1983
Andrew Simon Murray Forrest b.1980
Arthur Oswald Murray Forrest b.1881 d.1936
Colin Murray Forrest b.1885 d.1941
Colin Peter Forrest b.1922 d. 1986 called Peter
Denise "Denny" Eva Forrest b.1923 d.2006
Dorothy Innes Murray Forrest b.1884
Iain Arthur Murray Forrest b.1946
Ian Murray Forrest b.1925 d.2008
Jaqueline Mary Forrest
Joan Mary Forrest b.1920 d.1996
Julie Forrest
Keith Forrest
Robert "Robin" Arthur Forrest b.1919 d.1982
Shirley Alexander "Sandy" Forrest
Susan Forrest
Vivienne Dorothy Forrest b.1921 d.2007
William Forrest d.1886 aged 40

Ford Anderson

See Anderson


Dorothy Jefford Fowler b.December 1888 at Surbiton, Surrey d.1 July 1976 at Poole, Dorset
Sir George Fowler of Weybridge


Captain John Alexander Fownes-Luttrell RN of Edington, Bridgewater, Somerset
Margaret Jane Fownes-Luttrell b.15 November 1873 d.25 January 1963


Elizabeth Fraser

List index


Alice Galland d.1767


Alexandra Diana Margaret Gamble b.1978
Charles Gamble b.1980 d.22 December 1984
Peter Charles David Gamble b.1940


David Jethro Garnett
Matthew John Garnett b.1984
Thomas Michael Garnett b.1982


Benjamin James Garnham b.1987
Paul Garnham
Sopie Joanne Garnham b.1985


Elizabeth Garrett
Newson Garrett


Antonia Garton-Springer
Michael Garton-Springer
Patrick Garton-Springer


Richard Cecil Gatehouse


Dr Alexander Gavin
Margaret Gavin
Mary Gavin d.1864 aged 57


Acland Campbell Geddes "Auckland" b.1831 d.1908
Acland MacKay Geddes b.1907
Ailie Ford Geddes b.1956
Alexander Campbell Geddes b.1910
Alexandra Mary Campbell "Mona" Geddes b.1872 d.1936
Alice Elizabeth Geddes b.1990
Amelia Reid Geddes b.1827 d.1885
Andrew Geddes d.1830
Angus John Geddes b.1954
Ann Geddes
Ann Irvine Geddes b.1819
Anthony Reay MacKay Geddes b.1912
Anthony "Tony" Roger b.1972
Rt Hon the Lord Auckland Campbell Geddes of Rolvenden b.1879 d.1954
Barbara Geddes christened 23 Oct 1790 at Stromness
Barbara Gordon Geddes christened 21 June 1818 died young
Chloë Geddes b.1982
Colin David Geddes b.1985
Daisy Camilla Geddes b.1987 at London
Daniel John Geddes b.1984
"Tacksman" David Geddes b.circa 1665
David Geddes b.1751 d.1812
David Geddes
David Geddes
David Ford Geddes b.1959 at Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire
David Campbell Geddes b.1917
Elizabeth Geddes
Ella Clementine Ford Geddes b.1990 at London
Eric Campbell Geddes b.1875 d.1937
Felix Ford Geddes b.1993 at Sydney, NSW, Australia
Fiona Ford Geddes b.1950 at London
Ford Irvine Geddes b.17 January 1913 at Woking, Surrey d.2 October 2002 at London
Fraser Geddes
George Geddes
George Geddes (1) b.1715
George Geddes (2) b.1786 d.1840 aged 54
George Geddes (3) b.1825 d.21 June 1894
Harry Geddes b.1797
Ian David Geddes b.1946
Ian Keith Geddes b.1988
Ian Irvine Geddes b.1915
Ida Bess Geddes b.2011
Irvine Campbell Geddes b.9 July in Scotland 1882 d.18 May 1962 at London
James Geddes christened 15 December 1817
James John Geddes
Jean Geddes christened 10 January 1800 at Stromness
Doctor Jennian Ford Geddes b.1947 at London
Jessie Harriet Wemyss Geddes b.1823 d.1903
Joan Catherine Geddes b.1950
John Anderson Geddes b.1822 d.1893
John "Jacobite" George Geddes b.1753 d.1777
John Reay Campbell Geddes b.1915
Katharine Geddes christened 23 April 1794 at Stromness
Katherine Mary Geddes b.1970
Keith Irvine Geddes b.1918
Lean Halcrow Geddes
Magnus MacKay Geddes b.1908
Marcus Campbell Geddes b.1975
Margaret "Granny o'Hoy" Geddes b.circa 1727
Margaret Geddes d.1805
Margaret Geddes d.1785
Margaret Geddes
Margaret Anderson Geddes b.1821
Margaret Campbell Geddes b.1878
Margaret Campbell Geddes b.1913
Marjorie Geddes
Merryn Ford Geddes b.1948 at London
Mervyn Campbell Geddes b.1943
Michael Roger Geddes b.5 March 1971
Nellie Campbell Geddes b.1876 died young
Norah Campbell Geddes b.1887 died young
Robert Geddes
Roger Brian Geddes b.1945
Rona Marion Geddes b.1947
Rorie Irvine Geddes b.1948
Ross Campbell Geddes b.1907
Ruth Gail Geddes b.1984
Serena Anne Geddes b.1973
Shian Margaret Geddes b.1951
Wendy Margaret Geddes b.1974


Alex Gerrard
Alexander Gerrard
Alice B Gerrard
Anne Gerrard
Arthur Gerrard
Belle Gerrard
Louise Gerrard
Maud Gerrard
Minnie Gerrard
William Gerrard


Annie Grace Gibbon b.1866
Sir William Duff Gibbon b.1837 d.1919
Reverend Charles Gibbon DD
Mary Gibbon b.1864
Charles Gibbon b.1868
Katherine Ellen MacDonald Gibbon b.1870
Andrew Murray Gibbon b.1872
John Murray Gibbon b.1875
Jessie Eyre Duff Gibbon b.1877 d. 23 Nov 1955
William Duff Gibbon b.1880


Margaret Yeoman Gibson


Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Moore Thacker Gillson


Edward Glover
Kate Glover

Godfrey, Godffrey-Faussett

Ethel Norah Godfrey d.15 December 1947
Major Godfrey Trevelyan Godffrey-Faussett


Margaret Joan Gooch b.23 October 1945


Richard Goodbody of Clara


Edward Gooddy
Edward Samuel Gooddy b.1863


Ann Goodlet


Mrs Jane Goodman née Booth


Campbell Wickham Geddes Goodwille b.1983 at London
Colin Goodwille b.1946 at Norwich, Norfolk
Janna Ford Goodwille b.1977 at London
Zoë Fiona Goodwille b.1978 at London


Barbara Gordon d.1826 aged 61
Fairlie Gordon or Fairly Gordon d.1790 aged 25
John Lord Gordon
Jean Gordon
Jean Gordon of Sutherland
Mary Gordon b.1682 d.1725 aged 43
Robert Gordon of Achness


Captain Lachlan Gordon-Duff DL killed in action 24 October 1914,
Thomas Duff Gordon-Duff CBE of Drummuir and Park


George Graham, Bishop of Dunblane and Orkney (1615)
Marion Graham


Katherine M Gray


Alan Griffiths
J Griffiths
Kelvin Griffiths


Sarah Norah Groom b.1955


Emma Gurney b.27 September 1800 d.11 April 1860


Alexander Gordon Guthrie
Caroline Maule Gordon Guthrie
Christina Gordon Guthrie
Georgina Gordon Guthrie
Jane Gordon Guthrie

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Charles Sydenham Haden
Mary Love Haden


Lean Halcrow


Lord Haldane of Cloan
Anne Sylvia Fenella Haldane
Bernard Maldwyn Haldane b.1908 d.1908
Bernard Murray Haldane
Barbara Seymour Haldane b.1906
Elizabeth Alison Deidre Haldane b.1911
James Oswald Haldane
Kenneth Patrick Maldwyn Haldane b.1915
Maldwyn Makgill Haldane
Richard Maxwell Haldane b.1909
Robert Aylmer Haldane b.1907
Robert Camperdown Haldane


James Hall b.1785 d.1861


Jackie Halsey b.1953


John Patrick Hamer b.1993
Philip Christopher Hamer b.1946
Timothy Paul Hamer b.1989


Sir Robert George Cruikshank Hamilton KCB
Reverend Zachary Macaulay Hamilton DD


Rex Hampton


Caroline Fox Hanbury
Sir Cecil Hanbury of Kingston Mauward


Charles Handyside
Hugh Handyside d.1867 aged 64
Hugh Handyside of Edinburgh


Patrick Claude Hannay b.16 October 1912 d.24 May 1940


Susan Anne Hardy b.1951


Ava (Beckett) Harris b.2013
Marlowe Harris


Brian Ross Haslam b.1960 in Montreal, Ontario
Maurice Frederick Haslam b.21 July 1920 in Ontario d.19 June 2000 in Torquay, Devon


Constance Alice b.1986
Edward Peter b.1988
Peter Hawker
Vaughan Nowell Hawker


David Haysom
Francesca 'Cheetah' Haysom
Louise Haysom
Nicholas 'Fink' David Haysom
Simon Haysom


Barbara Heilbron


Cassandra Joan 'Sarge' Hemming b.1957


Alice Henderson
Donald Henderson of Dick Place Newington
Hannah Henderson
Tom Henderson
Robert Henderson


June Heslop b.1927


William Hewat


Anne Heyworth b.10 April 1924
Lieutenant-Colonel Reginald Francis Heyworth b.1896 d.1941


Abraham Hilton Hibbert
Alastair Lawrence John Hibbert b.1993
Ann 'Annie' Hibbert
Annabelle Hibbert b.1989
Anthony St.John Hibbert b.1951
Aurelia Hibbert b.1995
Aydin Daniel Hibbert
Chloe Hibbert
Diana Hibbert
Diana Jennifer Hibbert b.1946
Diana Gabrielle Margaret Hibbert b.1945
Edward Hibbert baptised 6 September 1838
Elijah Hibbert b. 13 July 1800 d.10 March 1846 at Lyon House, Oldham
Emily Jane Hibbert b. 1965
Gabrielle Anne Hibbert b.3 May 1916
Geoffrey St.John Hibbert b.22 August 1879 d.20 November 1960
Grant St.John Hibbert b.7 Februray 1918 d.21 January 1973
Henry Hibbert b.20 July 1840 d.13 February 1913
Jacqueline Briony Hibbert b.1952
James Hibbert
Jessica Frances Jeans Hibbert b.1983
John Andrew Hibbert b.1960
John "Jock" Percy Maghull Hibbert b.27 April 1885 d.4 November 1975.
Sir John Tomlinson Hibbert b.1824 d.6 November 1908.
John 'Desmond' Hibbert b.16 December 1914 d.22 April 2001
John Richard Gavin Hibbert b.1956.
Michael Hibbert b.1968
Michael William Oswald Hibbert b.1967
Maurice Constantine Hibbert b.1 September 1891 d.17 June 1893
Nancy Diana Hibbert b.1926
Nicholas Thomas Hibbert b.1951
Nicola Francesca Hibbert b.1949
Nowell Hibbert b.25 April 1923 killed in action 29 January 1945
Olivia Anne Kay Hibbert b.1990
Oswald Yates Hibbert b.26 January 1882 d.4 July 1966.
Percy John Hibbert b.27 June 1850 d.29 September 1926
Portia Elisabeth Rose Hibbert b.1992
Richard 'Dick' Oswald Hibbert b.16 December 1914 d.1979
Richard Yates Hibbert b.1963
Rosemary Sabrina Violet Hibbert b.1950
Rosemiranda Delavaye Hibbert b.1992
Sebastian Gabriel Mellar Hibbert
Sophie Evelyn Hibbert b.1987
Stefan de Betham Hibbert b.1971
Thomas de Betham Hibbert b.19 September 1921
Thomas Hibbert b.1983
Thomas Hibbert
Thomas Johnson Hibbert d.9 June 1888 at Broughton Grove, Field Broughton, Grange-over-Sands
Umit Alison Hibbert
Victor Hibbert b.1981
William Hibbert
William Luke Murray "Beau" Hibbert b.1953


Claire Highton b.5 September 1924
Langton Highton


Abraham Hilton of Cross Bank, Oldham
Elizabeth 'Betty' Hilton d. 15 December 1864


John Hogan


Kevin Hogarth
Leonard Thomas Hogarth b.15 January 1913
Mary Hogarth
Michael Hogarth
Peter James Timothy Hogarth b.22 February 1955
Stephen Hogarth
Theresa Hogarth


Sue Hollomby

von Holstein

Ina Stael von Holstein b.1879


Bryony Jane Houlder b.1978
James Houlder


Daphne Evelyn House


Catherine Henrietta Howard d.29 November 1930
Lieutenant-Colonel Stanley Howard of Ballina, County Wicklow


Lieutenant-Colonel John Francis Hubbard of Wink's Isle, Darsham, Suffolk
Nicolette Hubbard


Esther Hughes b.1811 d.June 1897


Agnes Hume


4th Earl of Huntly


Beulah Margaret Hurst b.1929 d.2008


John Hutchinson of Cairngall, Longside

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Laura Ingram


Doctor Robert Inman
Doctor Robert M Inman b.1837 d.1930


Alexander Innes
Ann Innes d.1783 aged 32
Surgeon-General Francis William Innes
James Innes
Janet Innes d.1816 aged 71
Jessie Mina Innes d.1946
William Innes b.1711 d. 1755


William, 9th Earl Marischal of Inverugie


Mary Ann Ives b.18 December 1858

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Barbara Jack


Elizabeth Jackson
J Jackson

James V1, King of Scotland.


Alan Fredric Jarvis b.1914
Alastair Gordon Jarvis b.1915
Lawrence Murray Jarvis b.1914
Fredric Thomas Jarvis
Monica Mary Jarvis b.1916
Peter Hugh Jarvis b.1922


Ailsa Jeans
Alberta Jeans
Anne Emily "Nan" Jeans
Arthur Ernest Jeans
Beryl Jeans
Bridget Mary Jeans
Catriona Margaret Frances Jeans
Charles Jeans
Clare Dorothy Jeans
Daisy Jeans
Doreen Jeans
Dorothy Ann Jeans b.1942
Edwina Jeans
Elspeth Rachael Jeans
Ernest Jeans
Florence Jeans
Lieutenant-Commander Frederick Albert Cyprian Jeans d.13 October 1969
George Jeans b.13 July 1924 d.5 December 1971
George Henry Jeans b.3 December 1888
Henry Jeans
Jack Jeans
James Jeans
John Jeans b.1817
John Charles Jeans b.20 March 1856
John Frederick Jeans
John Stanton Jeans
Juliet Jeans b.1954
Kathleen Jeans
Lavinia Nina Jeans
Lillian Maud Jeans
Lulla Jeans
Maria Alberta Jeans
Margaret Frances Mary Jeans b.5 July 1920 d.22 July 1990
Mary Jeans
Mary Jeans
Matilda Jeans
Nicholas Jeans b.1940
Nina Jeans
Norah Mary Jeans
Rebecca Jeans
Rebecca Louisa Jeans
Reverend Richard Jeans b.7 June 1923 d.11 January 1986
Richard Andrew Jeans
Sara Jeans
Stephen Jeans of Pokesdown, Bournemouth
Stephen Jeans
Sophie Jeans
Theodora Jeans
Thomas Jeans
Thomas Charles Jeans
Timothy Jeans
Valery Jeans


Alexander Jeffrey
Alice Lumsden Jeffrey
Alice Lumsden Jeffrey b.1880 d.10 July 1963
Ann Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey
George Jeffrey b.circa1773
George Jeffrey of Jedburgh b.1818 d.1890
George Jeffrey
George Jeffrey
Harry Jeffrey
Jean Bryce Jeffrey
Jessie Jeffrey
John George Alexander Jeffrey
John Jeffrey of 14 Cumberland Street, Edinburgh b.23 June 1859 d.1930
Pauline Clare Jeffrey
Robert Jeffrey
Robert Jeffrey
Robina Jeffrey
William Jeffrey


Samantha May Jenkinson b.20 December 1968


Caroline Jenyns b.1954
Diana Vere Jenyns b.1944
Captain Edward Thomas Richard Jenyns b.7 February 1911 killed in action 15 June 1944
George Arthur Bulwer Jenyns b.28 December 1905 d.1991
Hugh Bulwer Jenyns b.1949
John Fitzgerald Wilcox Jenyns b.1945
Roger Gambier Jenyns b.1942
Roger Soame Jenyns b.24 April 1904
Roger William Bulwer Jenyns b.3 December 1858 d.12 April 1936
Sarah Bulwer Jenyns b.1943


Erik Allen Jensen
Jennifer Leigh Jensen
Wayne Jensen


Christopher Jerram


Helen Jobson


Anne Johnston of Sallowhill
Catherine Johnston of Sallowhill b.27 October 1785 at Crimond, Aberdeenshire d.16 January 1818 at Peterhead
James Johnston of Sallowhill b.17 August 1749
Jane Johnston
Jessie Johnston
Margaret Johnston
Ann Jeffrey Johnston d.aged 21
Catherine Jeffrey Johnston
James Johnston
James Johnston
John James Johnston of Coubister and Orphir, Stromness
Katherine Johnston


Florence Jones

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Johan Fairlie Keay b.12 January 1921 d.18 November 2105.


Archibald Keith MD d.1894 aged 57
George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal, of Inverugie
George Murray Keith b.1863
Mary Keith b.1865


Maud Kekewich d.1916


Freddie Kelvin


Ethel Kenworthy


Daphne Kenyon d.24 June 1953
Kenyon Stow


Olive Helen Kershaw d.20 November 1968


Alexander King
Jane Mitchell King b.1934


Mary Kirk b.4 March 1837


Gustav Edward Kissel b.1854 d.1911
Jeanette Thorn Kissel b.30 August 1890 d.3 November 1957


Julian Charles Knight b.1945
Richard Knight b.1982
Rosalind Knight b.1979


Gro Rieve Kristiansen
L. R. Kristiansen

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Edmund Lane b.1817
Katherine Lane b.1844


Elizabeth Lang


Mrs Vera Latimer née Eden


Helen Lauder
Sir William Lauder of Hatton, Scotland


Charles Aleyn Lawson of Wyke House, Felpham, Bognor Regis b.1873
Dennis Gowan Lawson b.2 July 1939
Reverend Canon Frederick Pike Lawson b.1844 d.1909
Lachlan James Lawson b.11 September 2001
Peter Campbell Lawson b.18 March 1973
Richard Dennis Lawson b.9 October 1975
Samuel Bruce Lawson b.24 June 1971


Merren Louise Leahy b.10 January 1965


Alexander Ledingham
John Ledingham of Slaps
Margaret Ledingham
Anne Gerrard Ledingham


Eli Lees of Oldham

Dorothy Leigh b.6 January 1904 in Preston d.9 December 1992 in Torquay, Devon
Henry Leigh b.1868 in Blackburn Lancashire

Le Poer Trench

Harry Le Poer Trench
Mark Le Poer Trench


Bosdin Leech


Eulalia Mary Leslie


Daisy Dorothy Levens b.29 December 1895
Frederick Levens
William Charles Levens b.1860
Walter Levens


Adrian Michael Wilson Levien b.1953


William Thomas Liscombe b.1828 d.1884


Ferlina Lindsay
Isabel Lindsay
James Lindsay
Janet Lindsay of Downhill, Scotland
Jenifer Lindsay
John Lindsay of Downhill, Scotland
Patrick Lindsay of Byres, Scotland
Sir William Lindsay b.1907 d.1986


Amanda Lloyd b.1972 at Stroud, Gloucestershire
Matthew Lloyd b.1976 at Birmingham
Michael Christopher Lloyd b.1944 at Inverness, Scotland


Anne Loban


Captain Lord RN


Marianne Loveday


Mildred Alice Lucas


Conte Eduardo Lucheschi


Alice Lumsden
Christobel Lumsden
George Ranald Campbell Lumsden MBE BA (Cantab) of Menmuir, Angus


Captain John Alexander Fownes-Luttrell RN of Edington, Bridgewater, Somerset
Margaret Jane Fownes-Luttrell b.15 November 1873 d.25 January 1963


Robert Lyell d.1900


Alison Royse Lysaght
Sir William Royse Lysaght

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Georgina McDonald b.1995
Stuart McDonald


Anne McDonnell


Jane McDowell b.around 1815


Eva MacGill


John MacGillivray


Alice Patricia MacGregor b.1924
Anne Elisabeth MacGregor b.1929
Duncan Campbell MacGregor b.1888
Duncan Fleming MacGregor b.1916
Elisabeth MacGregor b.1890
Helen Mary MacGregor b.1922
James Cochran Stevenson MacGregor b.1907
Jean Marcia MacGregor b.1924
Margaret MacGregor b.1903
Reverend William Malcolm MacGregor DD


Mary McIver b.17 January 1917


Donald Mackay 1st Lord Reay
Elizabeth Mackay
Hugh Mackay of Farr
James Jonathan Thorn Mackay d.1947
Janet Mackay
John Mackay of Dirlet
John Mackay of Kirtney
Kenneth Mackay, Earl of Inchcape d.1939
Kenneth Mackay, Earl of Inchcape b.1943
Kenneth James William Mackay, Earl of Inchcape b.27 December 1917 d.1994
Hon. Lucinda Louise Mackay b.1941
Mary Rose Mackay
Robert Mackay b.1821 d.1856
Robert Mackay, Tutor of Farr


Barbara Scobie MacKenzie b.1898
Boyce MacKay Scobie MacKenzie b.1889 d.1918
Hugh Mackenzie
Marjorie Scobie MacKenzie b.1888
MacKay Donald Scobie MacKenzie d.1934 aged 88


James Mackie


James Douglas McLeod of Cameron Road, Bromley, Kent
Katrina Colleen Douglas McLeod BA (Oxon) b.1949


Ann McLerie b.25 March 1785
John McLerie


James McLiskie
James McLiskie


Marian McNeil b.1868 in Preston, Lancashire


Charlotte Anderson MacPherson
Duncan Neil MacPherson
Heather Bell MacPherson
Reverend Joseph McKenzie MacPherson
Loveday MacPherson b.1906 d.1919
Neil MacPherson
Mary Jean MacPherson


John Hylton Madge

de sa Maia

Emilia de sa Maia b.1953


Mary Mann


Nancy Maris


Hon. Moyra Marjoribanks b.1902


Amanda Marshall
Claud Marshall
Emma Marshall d.1933
Marion Fairrie Nesbit née Marshall d.1901 aged 78


Nora Marten
William Thomas Marten.


David Martin d.1917 aged 71
Laura Margaret Martin b.20 November 1891 at Cork d.1982


Cecilia Mavis Martin-Sperry b.3 April 1919


Annabel Honor Hardwick Matterson b.1989
Charles John Hardwick Matterson b.1960
Rowena Alice Hardwick Matterson b.1994
Thomas John Hardwick Matterson b.1991


Joan Mary Moore McAllen b.2 October 1911


Gail Meiklejohn b.1955


Harvey Mellar
Sebastian Gabriel Mellar Hibbert.


Sarah Mellor b.1959 at Harrow, Middlesex


Mary Ann Miles


Alison Frances Miller
D Miller


Derrick Warden Milligan b.1893
Joan Sutcliffe Milligan b.1924
Kenneth William Milligan b.1927
Margaret Fraser Milligan b.1900
Reverend William Milligan
Sir William Milligan d.1929 aged 65


Nicholas Sargood Mills b.1973
Toby Ford Sargood Mills b.2008
Ford Monty Plimmer Mills b.2011


Field-Marshall Lord Milne GCB GCMG DSO b.1866 d.1948
Annie Janet Milne


Peter (Patrick) Mitchell


Charles Moffatt b.19 June 1794
Charles Moffatt of Irlam, Warrington b.1894 d.1962
Charles Edward Moffatt MB Bch b.1868 d.1910
David Christopher Moffatt b.1978
Edward Murray Moffatt b.19
Elizabeth Caroline Macgregor Moffatt b.1962
Henry Alastair Grey Moffatt b.1991
James Richard Moffatt b.1951
Doctor John Logan Moffatt b.1922
Joanna Maia Moffatt b.1990
Maryanne Jane Moffatt b.1980
Nicholas John Maia Moffatt b.1989
Paul Moffatt of Dalston, Cumbria b.22 May 1837 d.1896
Robert John Moffatt b.1956
Rupert Macgregor Moffatt b.1989


Dorothy C Moir


Clare Barbara Montagu b.1976 at London
Johanna "Jo" Kythé Montagu b.1980 at London
Sir Nicholas Lionel John Montagu b.1944 at Freeland, Oxfordshire
Toby Ford Sargood b.2008


Anna Moon
James Moon of Hillside House, Liverpool


Violet Morgan


Frances Caroline Joan Moriaty d.1933


Angela Mary Morley b.1939
Arthur Morley of Wickham Farm, Haywards Heath, Sussex OBE KC b.1881 d.1946
Brian Morley b.1937
Elizabeth Dorothy Morley b.1945
Diana Anne Morley b.1911 d.15 August 2005
Evelyn Morley
Sir Godfrey William Rowland Morley d.1987
Phillip Morley b.1937


Alexander Morison


Ethelwyn Ada Mousley b.18 January 1933
James Alfred Mousley
James Arthur Mousley b.20 february 1931
John Harold Mousley b.26 August 1885 at New Barnet d.28 January 1959
Laura Frances Mousley b.18 March 1929


Charlotte Mouton
John Chesworth [Mouton?] of Frogmore Station, Young, New South Wales


Captain Munro of Foulis
Catherine Munro
Emily Munro


Alexander Murray (1)
Alexander Murray (2) of Slaps b.1706 at Alvah, Banffshire d.18 December 1792 at Slap, Aberdeenshire
Alexander Murray
Alexander Murray (4) of Blackhouse
Alexander Murray (5) of Nethermill b.1811 or 1813 (christened 19 June 1813) d.10 September 1901 (death certificate)
Alexander Murray b.1840 d.1918
Alexander Johnstone Murray b.circa1854 at Cruden d.1917 at Kyle of Lochalsh, Ross
Alice Lima Hay Murray
Andrew Murray (1) of Slaps b.20 October 1748 at Slap, Turriff d.16 July 1831 buried at King Edward cemetery
Andrew Murray (2) of Aberdeen b.May 1808 at Peterhead d.19 July 1889 at Aberdeen
Andrew Murray "Macduff"
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray b.1848 d.1925
Anne Murray b.June 1816 at Peterhead (christened 14 June 1816) d.4 February 1909 at Aberdeen
Anne Bertha Murray b.11 January 1864 d.1952
Anne Eliza Murray
Arthur Murray b.June 1754 at Turriff
Barbara Murray b.circa1736 at Turriff
Charlotte "Lottie" Murray b.21 May 1861 at Cruden d.3 September 1938
Caroline Murray
Catherine Murray
Dyke Murray
Eliza Murray b.1830 d.1890
Elspet Murray b.June 1754 at Turriff
Emily Murray
Elizabeth Mary Murray b.1878
George Murray
Isabella Murray
Isabella Jane Murray
James Murray
James Murray
James Murray b.circa 1743 at Turriff christened 1 April 1743 d.before November 1746
James Murray b.February 1812 at Peterhead
James McCombie Murray b.1855 d.1930
Jane Murray
Janet Loveday Innes Murray b. b.8 September 1866 at Cruden, Aberdeenshire d.4 May 1928 at Aberdeen
Janet Loveday Murray b.18 January 1859 at Cruden d.circa1865
Jessie Murray
John Murray (1) (Snubs of Eden) b.1599 d.1672
John Murray (2) of Inverichnie b.early C17th
Surgeon-General John Murray (3) b.March 1786 christened 7 March 1786 at Turriff d.20 October 1841
John Murray (4) b.November 1809 at Peterhead d.27 July 1898 at Sherrington, Norfolk
John Murray b.1843 d.1873
John Murray
Katherine Murray b.1842 d.1916
Katherine "Katie" Murray b.20 September 1856 d.13 March 1919
Louise Murray
Margaret Murray
Margaret Elphinston Murray
Margaret Skelton Murray b.1838 d.1871
Maria Murray
Mary Murray b.1851 d.1922 in South Africa
Mary Murray b.1853 d.1931
Patrick Murray b.circa 1739 d.10 May 1816
Peter Murray
Sarah Murray
William Murray (1) of Inverichnie b.1682 at Inverichnie, Alvah, Aberdeenshire d.7 March 1753 at Inverichnie
William Murray (2) of Slaps
William Murray b.circa 1737 at Alvah, Banffshire
William Murray

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Charles Todd-Naylor
Mary Emily Todd-Naylor


Marion Fairrie Nesbit d.1901 aged 78


Ann Francis Newbolt b.1798
Major-General Edward Dorrien Newbolt b.5 March 1838 d.26 July 1899
Cecilia Honesita Newbolt b.1840
Cecil Mary Newbolt b.5 June 1875 d.5 May 1936
Edith Julia Newbolt b.26 August 1871 d.16 April 1953
George Digby Newbolt b.1829
Gladys Henrietta 'Toby' Newbolt b.6 February 1878
John Rice Newbolt b.1836
Julia Matilda Newbolt b.1831
Robert Henry Newbolt b.1833
Reverend WR Newbolt b.1801


Kimberley "Kim" Dawn Nichols


James Nicholson of Grange Lodge County Tyrone
Sarah Nicholson


Alan Graham Niven b.20 June 1878 at Cheddington, Buckinghamshire d.1 July 1916 on active service at La Boiselle, France.
Alan Graham Niven b.1952
Michael Graham Niven b.1913 d.1972
William Graham Niven b.1960


Sarah Helen Nordberg

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Miss M A Oake


Angela Jean Oats b.27 April 1943
Richard John Rundle Oats
Victor Oats RAF d.12 March 1945


Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'Brien


Sir James Ogilvie of New Grange
Jane Ogilvie


Claud O'Hagan
Claud Cecil O'Hagan b.11 May 1905 killed in action 22 July 1943


Barbara Gertrude Vere Parry-Okeden b.28 May 1919 at Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


Dorothy Orchison
Ethel Orchison
Ian Orchison
Irene Orchison
Keith Orchison
Kenneth Orchison
Lionel Orchison
Ruth Mary Orchison

Harry Baycliff Osbourne d.1921

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Georgina Ann Panton
Janet Panton
John Panton of Knockie Mill, Turriff, Aberdeenshire
Patrick Panton


Theodora Ruth Parisee b.1940
Theodore Parisee


Ann Park d.22 September 1836 aged 72


Ellen Parke


Colonel S. Parr


Barbara Gertrude Vere Parry-Okeden b.28 May 1919 at Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


Ernest Paulin
George Ernest Paulin


Elizabeth Payne
Robert Payne RN
Sarah Anne Payne


Christopher Rait O'Neill Pearson b.1947
Diana Katrina O'Neill Pearson b.1949
George John O'Neill Pearson b.1988
George Patrick O'Niell Pearson b.28 February 1911
Hilary Sarah O'Neill Pearson b.1955
Rosemary Sarah Emily Pearson Pearson b.1986 d.6 December 1982


Alice Mary Pease b.28 June 1869 d.1 February 1945
Aline Thorn Pease b.1919
Annabel Primrose Robin Pease b.1971
Arthur Pease DL MP d.27 August 1898
Arthur David Pease b.1961
Arthur Francis Pease, Baronet b.11 March 1866 d.26 November 1927
Arthur Peter Pease, Baronet b.15 February 1918 killed in action 15 September 1940
Carolyn Thorn Pease b.1957
Christopher Berkley Pease b.1958
Claud Edward Pease b.24 November 1874 d.22 March 1952
Derrick Allix Pease b.1927
Diana Vere Pease b.4 October 1902 d.1919
Dorothy Laura Pease b.21 April 1893
Elizabeth Frances Pease b.2 August 1894
Evelyn Ada Pease b.10 November 1876 d.3 May 1950
Herbert Pike Pease, Lord Daryngton b.7 May 1867
Jocelyn Pease b.30 May 1908 d.1994
Jonathan Edward Pease b.1952
Joseph Pease b.22 June 1799 d.8 February 1872
Julia Victoria Pease b.22 January 1910
Lucy Margaret Pease b.3 February 1904 d.1993
Margaret Alice Pease b.3 April 1895
Mary Ethelwyn Pease b.18 February 1892 d.1980
Maurice Watson Ridley Pease
Nichola Pease b.1961
Olive Mary Caroline Pease b.16 May 1906
Peter Gordon Charles Pease b.1965
Phyllis Helen Pease b.12 September 1904 d.1987
Richard Arthur Pease, Baronet b.18 November 1890 d.26 November 1927
Richard Peter Pease b.1958
Richard Thorn Pease, Baronet b.1922
Robin Slingsby Pease b.24 May 1933
Ronald Herbert Pease b.3 October 1896 killed in action 15 September 1918
Rosa Elizabeth Pease b.15 February 1871 d.25 Septmber 1896
Rosalind Jeanette Pease b.1954
Ruth Evelyn Pease b.8 July 1900
Victoria Julia Diana Pease b.1962
Winifred Pike Pease b.7 January 1873 d.17 September 1957


Rachael Ann Pengelly b.1956


Anne Penrose
John Penrose formerly of Woodhill


Arthur Phillip Admiral RN, founder of the first penal colony in Australia and first Governor. See his Wikipedia page. We have photos of his portrait which have been in the family for a long time, with associated tales of our family tree connection. Please email if you know of any possible connection.


Anne Pike
Anne Emily Pike
Anthony Gerald Pike b.1950
Cecil Francis Montgomery Pike b.3 August 1882 d.23 february 1907
David Ebenezer Pike b.9 June 1925 killed in action 5 March 1945
Deirdre Pike
Ebenezer Pike (1)
Ebenezer Pike (2) of Cork (Will proved 25 June 1785)
Ebenezer Pike (3) of Besborough, County Cork b.25 March 1806 d.29 March 1883
Ebenezer Pike (4) of Kilcrenagh and later of Pishiobury Park, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire b.18 December 1853 d.5 November 1931
Ebenezer John Lecky Pike (5) of Dale Park, Sussex b.29 February 1884
Ebenezer Pike b.22 October 1885
Elizabeth Pike
Elizabeth Pike
Elizabeth Barrington Pike d.1921
Estelle Marguerite Heather Pike b.1952
Frank Pike of Glendarrary b.13 March 1886
Godfrey Pike of Kilcrenagh b.4 September 1886
Godfrey Ebenezer Pike b.1 August 1915
Helena Christian Olive Lecky Pike b.11 May 1914
Henrietta Sophia Pike
Hilda Marjorie Pike b.13 February 1898
Hubert Pike b.31 July 1890
Hubert Anthony Pike b.4 September 1921
Isabella Harriet Wilkinson d.1945
James Ebenezer Pike b.1955
James Maitland Pike b.8 February 1916
James Nicholson Pike of Derry Vale, County Tyrone d.1849
Jane Rosemary Pike b.21 January 1923 d.21 May 1934
Jeremy Peter Carroll Pike b.1955
Jonathan Pike of Beechgrove, County Tyrone b.1782 d.1860
Joseph Pike
Joseph Pike of Besborough, County Cork d.1826
Joseph Pike of Besborough and Dunsland, County Cork b.30 December 1851 d.19 April 1929
Kathleen Agnes Pike
Lydia Clibborn Pike d.22 March 1900
Lydia Dorothy Muriel Pike b.20 January 1885
Lydia Josephine Pike
Marion Watson Pike d.1889
Mary Pike
Mary Pike
Mary Anne Laming Pike d.1859
Mary Lecky Pike d.14 December 1915
Max Ebenezer Lecky Pike , b.1943
Norah Eileen Pike b.10 June 1894 d.28 June 1956
Patrick Kenyon Pike b.21 August 1914
Penelope Pike b.19 February 1916
Peter Pike b.21 October 1918
Richard Pike (1) of Newbury, Berkshire b.1598
Richard Pike (2) of Sarsfield Court, County Cork b.1627 d.1668
Richard Pike (3) of Summerhill, County Cork b.1659 d.1739
Richard Pike (4) of Summerhill and of Fullers Court, County Cork b.1748 d.1810
Major Richard James Pike (5), Achill Sound, County Mayo b.17 February 1850 d.29 November 1891
Richard Nicholson Pike, Achill Sound, County Mayo b.18 May 1880 killed in action September 1915
Richard Pike
Richard Pike of Cork (1) (Will proved 14 October 1763)
Richard Pike of Cork (2)
Richard Pike killed in action during the Great War
Richard Pike of Beechgrove County Tyrone
Richard Pike of Cork (1) (Will proved 14 October 1763)
Richard Pike of Cork (2)
Major Richard James Pike, Achill Sound, County Mayo b.17 February 1850 d.29 November 1891
Richard Joseph Pike b.10 June 1924
Richard Nicholson Pike of Glendarrary b.18 May 1880 killed in action September 1915
Rhoda Vava Mary Pike b.3 February 1899. Married 14 September 1921
Robert Ebenezer Neil Pike b.1945
Robert Lecky Pike of Kilnock, County Carlow b.23 January 1858 d.29 January 1933
Captain Robert Maxwell Pike RFC b.30 August 1886 killed in action 9 August 1915
Robin Hubert Fitzgerald Pike b.1953
Samuel Pike of Cork (Will proved 15 May 1797)
Sarah Pike
Sarah Pike
Sarah Pike
Sarah Helen Nicholson Pike d.1865
Sarah Louisa Pike
Violet Marion Watson Pike d.18 May 1935
William Pike (1) of Summerhill, County Cork b.1695 d.1756
William Pike (2) of Glendarrary, Achill Sound, County Mayo d.1881
William Pike b.28 September 1881 killed in action August 1915
Major-General Sir William Watson Pike (3) b.10 March 1860 d.26 June 1941


Susan Elizabeth Pile BA b.1946
Rowland Charles Pile of Tanyard Lane, Shaftesbury

Dorothy Lawrence Pilkington b.1893
Lawrence Pilkington b.1855 d.7 October 1941
Margaret Pilkington b.1891
Richard Pilkington


Anne Pim
Deborah Pim (Will proved 28 June 1766)
John Pim of Edenderry

Le Poer Trench

Harry Le Poer Trench
Mark Le Poer Trench


Elizabeth Mary Duncan Pond d.1878


Edward Claude Berkeley, Viscount Portman b.1898 d.1942
Rosemary Portman b.3 March 1931


David Howell Thomas Powell b.1957
David Thomas Powell MIEE AMIMecE
Dorothy Powell d.1943
Gabrielle Amy Elisabeth Powell b.1985
David Robert St.John Oliver Powell b.1988
Susanna Hope Powell b.1983


Caroline Mary Pretty b.1949


Gillian Sian Pritchard b.1978
Faith Gabriel Pritchard b.2001 at Cambridge

List index


John Vincent Radcliffe b.1932
Joshua Radcliffe of Rochdale b.1811 d.1891
Rupert Vincent Therese Radcliffe b.1903 d.1984
Thomas Hibbert Radcliffe b.1842 d.1884
Vincent Radcliffe b.1868 d.1920


Barbara Everton Raine b.1942
David Edward Raine of Moor Green Lane, Moseley, Birmingham


Sir Charles Ramsay
Helen Ramsay
Margaret Ramsay of Balmain, Scotland


Claire Randall
Derek Alfred John Randall b.1922 d.1988
Mary Randall
Patricia "Trisha" Randall b.1948
Samuel Randall


Ernest Rattle
Esther Sarah Rattle b.25 August 1861
Henry Rattle of Blackheath
Jane Frances Rattle


Elizabeth Reep b.8 March 1935


Amelia Reid d.1865 aged 85
Charles Mayo Reid
James Reid of Alehouse Hill (later Ellis Hill), Inverugie d.1826
Robert Reid d.1870


Ian Relf


Janet Richie b.28 April 1745


Silvia Rimington b.1934


John Robertson b.around 1785
Isabella Robertson
Margaret Ogilvy Robertson b.15 April 1823


John Valentine Roe
Oriel McLane Thorn Roe d.1956
Patrick Rupert Windsor Roe d.1960
Thomas Chambers Windsor Roe b.1917 d.1988


John Rolph


AG Romer of Linares, Spain
Isobel Stella Romer


Major the Earl of Ronaldshay


Alice Lydia Katherine Ross b.1980
Isabella Gamble Ross b.1881
Nicholas Peter Gilbert Ross b.1947
Doctor Robert William Ross b.17 September 1910 d.23 October 1982
Robert William Gilbert Ross b.1982


Sir Harry Ross-Skinner
Jean Olive Ross-Skinner d.14 November 1929 d.15 November 1929
Shelagh Milne Ross-Skinner b.1933


Jane Alison Rotsey


Anne Florence Rowan-Thomson b.30 September 1923
John Leslie Rowan-Thomson


Charles Rowlatt b.1933
Elisabeth Rowlatt b.1929
Joanna Mary Rowlatt b.1931
John Rowlatt b.1898
Richard John Rowlatt b.1937
Right Honourable Sir Sydney Arthur Taylor Rowlatt KCSI


Lord Runciman b.1847
James Cochran Stevenson Runciman b.1903
Katharine Runciman b. 1909
Margaret Runciman b.1901
Ruth Runciman b.1907
Walter Runciman of Doxford, Northumberland b.1870
Walter Leslie Runciman b.1900


Alfred Rush
Alfred George Anderson Rush b.1851 at Carmarthen
Clarissa Rush
George Rush
George Acland Gordon Rush b.1852 at Carmarthen
John Campbell Rush b.1860 Farthinghoe
Joseph Arthur Rush b.1858 Farthinghoe
Mary Clarissa Rush b.1856 at Carmarthen
William Beaumarice Rush b.1854 at Carmarthen


Benedict Neil Russell
Christopher John Russell
Dominique Kathleen Russell
Thomas Hugh Russell
Thomas Neil Russell


Reginald Ryley

List index


M Sanders


Maria Sarlangue b.1867 d.1940


J Scarth


Andrew Schofield of Woodfield, Oldham and Tanyralt, Llandudno
Eliza Anne Schofield b.16 August 1825 d.5 January 1877


Anna Katherine Scott b.10 Jun 1868
Anna Maria Scott b.1825
Archibald Scott of Rossie
Colin Cunningham Scott b.1880
David Scott of Brotherton, Kincardineshire (1) b.1725 d.1797
David Scott of Brotherton, Kincardineshire (2) b.16 June 1782 d.18 December 1859
Diana Octavia Scott b.1829
Edward Uchtred Scott b.2 Feb 1865 d.1 Feb 1869 of diptheria
Emily Augusta Scott b.2 May 1822 d.17 December 1899
Helen Scott b.12 Sep 1863 d.4 Feb 1869 of diptheria
Helen Teresa Scott d.1878 aged 29
Hercules Scott of Brotherton, Kincardineshire (1) b.1621 d.April 1671
Hercules Scott of Brotherton, Kincardineshire (2) b.1659 d.1747
Colonel Hercules Scott b.1775 d.1814
Hercules James Scott b.1860 d.3 Feb 1869 of diptheria
Sir James Scott of Balweary, Scotland d.1606
James Scott of Logie (1)
James Scott of Logie (2) b.1593 d.1643
James Scott b.1776 d.22 September 1844
James Henry Scott d.1912 aged 67
James Yuill Scott b.1881 d.1916
James Nairne Scott
Margaret Rose de Noel Scott b.25 Dec 1869
Mary Isabella Scott b.30 May 1862 d.29 Jan 1869 of diptheria
Nita Scott
Penelope Scott b.1818
Wallace Scott
Wallace Mary Scott b.1815
Sir William Scott 9th
Sir William Scott 10th b.1548
Sir William Scott 11th b.1568


General Seddon
John Seddon of Acres Barn, Eccles, Lancashire
William Seddon of Acres Barn, Eccles, Lancashire


H C Seldon


Julie Seow


Mabel Constance Seymour
Robert Seymour of Dublin


Mabel Shankey


Anne Sharples
Elizabeth Sharples b.1809 d.1851
James Sharples
John Sharples
James or Thomas Sharples of Oldham d.mid-C19th


Eliza Shaw d.15 December 1864
Eliza Anne Shaw
John Shaw of Saddleworth
Kathryn Shaw


Alexander Sime


Dudley Simpson b.1943


George Skelton
James Skelton
Margaret Skelton b.1784 d.1871


Cecil Augusta Sladen b.19 July 1867
Diana Henrietta Sladen b.28 October 1871
Ethel St.John Sladen b.31 August 1868
Francis Farquhar Sladen b.10 July 1875
Joseph Sladen
Joseph Sladen b.9 April 1866


Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
George Smith of Chicago
George Smith of Edinburgh
Guy Murray Smith
Jeannie Bryce Smith d.11 April 1895
R Smith
Sarah Smith
Simon Hardy Smith


Edward Snell of Monk Okehampton
Olive Constance Snell


Heather Margaret Spencer b.1915 d.20 March 2008
Huntly Gordon Spencer


Margaret Squire


Clare Florence Mary Stapleton


Claes Goran Stenhammer b.1897
Hillevi Stenhammer b.1899
Ove Stenhammer b.1901
Wilhelm Stenhammer d.1927 aged 56


Arthur Stephen
James Stephen d.1932 aged 83


Alexander Gavin Stevenson b.1871 d.1941
Amy Stevenson b.1857
Archibald Stevenson b.1838 d.1877 aged 38
Archibald Campbell Stevenson b.1866 d.1932
Arthur Gavin Stevenson b.1863 d.1927
Bertha Gavin Stevenson b.1896 d.1918
Charles Stevenson b.1868 d.1895
Charles Stevenson b.1903
Christina Cochran Stevenson b.1901
Dora Jane Stevenson b.1876
Edith Stevenson b.1856 d.1937
Elizabeth Stevenson b. 1915
Elizabeth Frances Stevenson b.1871
Florence Margaret Stevenson b.1860 d.1909
Harold Stevenson b.1869 d.1917
Helen Stevenson b.1905
Hew Stevenson b.1865
Hilda Stevenson b.1869
James Stevenson of South Shields b.1786 d.1866
James Stevenson b.1873 d.1875
James Arthur Radford Stevenson b.1901
James Cochran Stevenson MP of South Shields b.1825 d.1905
James Shannan Stevenson
Jean Stevenson b.1909
John Campbell Stevenson b.1920
Lawrence Thorne Stevenson b.1909
Louisa Mary Stevenson
Mary 'Mollie' Gavin Stevenson b.1867 d.18 January 1942
Margaret Stevenson b.1907
Margaret Joan Stevenson b.1910
May Margaret Stevenson OBE b.1875 d.1922
Michael Gavin Stevenson b.1915
Robert Louis Stevenson
Ronald Cochran Stevenson b.1873 d.1934
Ronald Shannan Stevenson
Shannan Stevenson b.1903
Sheila Stevenson b.1902
William Alexander Stevenson b.1912


Balfour Stewart


Marion "Moll" Olive Stirling b.17 August 1922 d.14 January 1994


Reverend A Stokes
Gwendoline Stokes


Jane Stoneham


Kenyon Stow


Jean Strachan b.1754 at Gamrie, Banffshire d.12 July 1832 at Slap


James Strang


Joshua John Strangman of Shanagarry, County Cork
Thomas Wilson Strangman


Lady Margaret Drummond Stuart


Florence Lighton Stubbs


Fitzgerald Studdert
Gertrude Studdert


James Strang


Joshua John Strangman of Shanagarry, County Cork
Thomas Wilson Strangman


Arthur Sutcliffe of Todmorden, Yorkshire
Winifred Sutcliffe


Alexander 11th Earl of Sutherland
Jean Gordon of Sutherland


Mary Sutter b.1826 d.1906


Captain William Alfred Thackeray Synge
Captain William Makepeace Thackeray Synge

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Carol Taggart b.1950 d.2000
Heather Taggart b.1947
Peter Halyburton Taggart b.1913 d.2005
Rosemary Taggart b.1950


Roger Tanner


Captain Arthur Charles Tarbutt MC of Five Ashes, Sussex, Black Watch
Rosemary Jean Tarbutt b.20 February 1933


Cdr George Skene Tayler RN b.20 Sep 1816 d.18 Mar 1894


James Thom b.1693 d.1757
Margaret Thom b.circa 1720 in Aberdeenshire d.1770


Anne Florence Rowan-Thomson b.30 September 1923
John Leslie Rowan-Thomson


Dinah Scott Thompson b.1915
Elizabeth Cochran Thompson b.1912
Janet Peace Thompson b.1900
John Thompson MA b.1832 d.1908
John Charles Peace Thompson b.1870
John Stevenson Thompson b.1904
Josephine Gavin Thompson b.1902
Lydia Shannan Thompson b.1917
Marjorie Thompson
Mary Adamson Thompson b.1907
Olive Thompson
Sarah Maskell Thompson b.1909
Rachel Milward Thompson b.1935


Caroline Roberts Thorn b.1858 d.1949


Anne Bisdee Thorne


Ian Atterburn Tippetts b.1923 (might be "Atterbury")
Nora Margaret Tippetts b.1921 died young
Sydney Atterburn Tippetts (might be "Atterbury")


Isabella Tocher


Charles Todd-Naylor
Mary Emily Todd-Naylor


Jenny Tombs


Doctor Arthur John Hibbert Tomlinson b.31 August 1916 d.17 November 1967
Rev. Arthur Roger Tomlinson
Brian Roger Tomlinson b.1948
Cally Barbara Hainsworth b.1991
Charles James Tomlinson b.1980
Edward Max Tomlinson b.1985
Elizabeth Selina Tomlinson b.1926 d.15 November 2013
Janet Cammilla Tomlinson b.1946
John Henry b.1989
Katherine Sarah Tomlinson b.1952
Martha Kate Tomlinson 1982
Merelina Symonds Tomlinson b.1921 d.14 December 2020
Penelope Anne Tomlinson b.1925
Sarah Diana Tomlinson b.27 December 1917 d.29 March 1992
Samuel John Tomlinson b.1977
Sir Thomas Symonds Tomlinson of Ellerhow, Lindale-in-Carmel b.2 November 1877 d.18 April 1965


Susan Torrey d.1919


Ronald Gilbert Traill


Greg Tregurtha b.1967


Harry Le Poer Trench
Mark Le Poer Trench


Dimity Jane Trevethan b.1986
Douglas Scott Trevethan b.1981
Ian Stuart Trevethan b.1979
Paul Trevethan Trevethan b.1950
Timothy Paul Trevethan b.1980


Amelia Frances Trowell b.17 June 1867?

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Margaret Urquhart d.1706 aged 26.


Florence Mary Valentine b.1893 d.1979


Jennifer Vandekar


Morag Rennie Vanreenan b.1955


Ann Margaret Vernon b.1931
Denis S Foster Vernon
Richard William Vernon b.1933
Captain Sydney Rutty Vernon

von Holstein

Ina Stael von Holstein b.1879

List index


Jane Wadams


J Waddell


Harris Vanessa Walden b.1953


Charles Walker of Brettargh Holt, Westmoreland
Clara Noel Walker d.17 July 1967
Fay Alexis Walker b.1953 at Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Verdun Walker


Very Reverend Edward Hardress Waller of Kildare
Colonel Hardress William Lucius Waller DSO MC of Forcett Hall, Richmond, Yorkshire
John Wilson Waller of Tring


Daniel William Wallace b.1984
David Wallace
Ruth Catherine Wallace b.1979
Thomas Robert Wallace b.1981


David Walsh


Admiral Charles Warde
Lt.-Colonel C.A.M. Warde R.A.
Charlotte Warde


Sir Andrew Wardlaw of Torie
Elizabeth Wardlaw


Edmund James Waters
Percy Reginald Waters b.6pm 9 April 1885


Douglas Chalmers Watson d.1946
Elizabeth Mary Watson
Irvine Ewart Chalmers Watson b.1907
John Watson of Kilconnor
John Watson of Toxteth Park, Lancashire
Marion Watson d.1866
Rupert Gavin Watson b.1911
Sarah Watson (Will dated 20 August 1745)


Jane Watson-Bradley


Anne Murray Watt
Arthur Murray Watt b.1894
Beth Murray Watt
Bertha Murray Watt b.1892
Ferlina Elizabeth Watt b.1957
Kenneth Murray Watt b.1896 killed in action 1917
Sub-Lieutenant John Kenneth Murray Watt RN RFA killed in action 15 March 1941
Jean Murray Watt b.1900 d.1900
John Murray Watt
John Murray Watt b.1955
Oliver Murray Watt b.1988
Penelope Jane Watt b.1952
Priscilla Murray Watt
Rebecca Watt b.1991
Robert Downie Watt
Robert Murray Watt b.1928


Helen Watts


Axel Lumsden Westerberg b.1865 d.1919
Carl Oswald Westerberg b.1904
Dagmar Westerberg b.1902
Egmont August Westerberg b.1881 d.1923
Eric Westerberg b.1918
George Herbert Westerberg b.1870 d.1916
Johan August Westerberg b.early C19th
Johan August Westerberg d.1900 aged 64
Johan Gustaf Westerberg b.1916
Helga Marcia Westerberg b.1874
Hugo Marshall Westerberg b.1875 d.1933
Marianne Westerberg b.1913
Marjorie Jane Westerberg b.1914
Max Westerberg b.1911
Olga Leonore Westerberg b.1867 d.1940
Oswald Gavin Westerberg b.1868 d.1934
Per Olof Westerberg b.1885 d.1951
Peter Westerberg b.1911


Aileen Laura Wheatley b.1894
Ann Wheatley b.1868
Eleanor Wheatley b.1860
Ephraim Parke Wheatley (1) b.circa1832 d.1881
Ephraim Parke Wheatley (2) b.1860
James Wheatley
James Wheatley b.1866
Richard Wheatley b.1865
Ronald Parke Wheatley b.1893
Sarah Louisa Wheatley b.18 February 1863 d.3 March 1918
William Henry Wheatley b.1870


Catherine Grace Radford Wheeler


Annie Harriett Whetman


Alexander White
Annie White
Catherine Anne White
Eleanor White
George Gordon White
Helen White
Reverend James White
James R White
Jessie J White
John White
Mary Yeats White
Sarah White
Sarah White


Anne Genevieve Whitlaw


Claire Elaine Whitman b.1959


Anne Wilkinson
Jonathan Wilkinson of Riversview, Cumberland


Rev. James George Williams
Kenneth Alfred Williams b.5 October 1910


Jessie Williamson


Arthur Denis Wilson b.1 September 1924
Christopher Denis Langton Wilson b.1949
Dorothy Vivien Wilson b.22 Jan 1928
Elizabeth Theresa Wilson b.30 October 1920
Frank O'Brien Wilson b.10 April 1883 at Cliffe Hall, Darlington d.7 April 1962 at Kilima Kiu, Kenya
Graeme Richard Wilson b.1958
Hilary Frances Wilson b.1947
Jeremy James O'Brien Wilson b.1949
John Gerald Wilson
Michael Rowan Wilson b.1952
Patrick Murrough Wilson b.1951
Richard O'Brien Wilson b.27 April 1922


Emma Maud Otimer Windsor


Charles Frederick Basil Woodd b.1972 at Stroud, Gloucestershire
Frederick ('Freddy') Michael Basil Woodd b.2014


Lieutenant Austen Woods RN
Beatrice Ethel Austen Woods


Elizabeth "Betty" Wraith b.29 May 1751 d.21 March 1828
Reverend James Wraith b.28 May 1734 d.1 May 1815


Wilhelmina E Wylde of Sulhamstead, Chiswick

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Alexander Eden Yates of Rectory Cottages, Church Lane, Gressenhall, Norfolk b.1973
Amanda Louise Yates of Elm Cottage, Lower Froyle, Hampshire b.1965
Andrew St.John Yates of Tudor Way, Church Crookham b.1967
Captain Andrew Vavasour Scott Yates RN of the Gate House, Old Windsor, Berkshire b.27 October 1900 d.8 June 1991
Annie Winifred Muriel Gwendolin Yates b.1893
Antonia Margaret Luttrell Yates of Harcourt Terrace, London b.1940
Arthur Gerald Vavasour Yates b.1886 d.1916
Augusta St.John Yates b.1843 d.1 February 1928
Bridget Elizabeth Yates of Rectory Cottages, Church Lane, Gressenhall, Norfolk b.1945
Caroline Alice Yates of Edmonton b.1960
Cholmeley Russell Yates b.1849
Christopher Guy Yates of Parkside Drive, South East Calgary, Alberta b.21 January 1934
Christopher Richard Yates of Parkside Drive, South East Calgary, Alberta b.1961
Christopher St.John Yates MA (Oxon) of Oriel House, Eydon, Northamptonshire b.1943
David Nevill St.John Yates of Oriel House, Eydon b.1971
Elizabeth Sarah Gordon Yates of Eccleston Square. London b.1946
Emily Augusta Diana Yates b.20 July 1853 d.15 October 1942
Gervase Eben Maghull Yates BA (Oxon) of Easterdale, St.Cyrus b.27 September 1926
Heather Wynne Yates of Edmonton b.1963
Heneage Gervase Noel Yates MA (Oxon) of St.Cyrus, Kincardine b.25 Decmber 1886 d.17 May 1976
Hercules Campbell Yates b.1852 d.1931
Hercules Cyril St.John Yates b.1885 d.1918
Lieutenant John Baldwyn Yates RA b.7 January 1903 d.15 February 1931
Joseph Yates b.circa 1782 d.circa1851
Joseph Maghull Yates b.20 July 1844 d.1916
Joseph Mervyn St.John Yates MA (Oxon) of Bainton Road, Oxford b.13 July 1878 d.30 December 1958
Joseph Ronald St.John Yates MA (Oxon) of La Couveuse, Cavalaire-sur-mer, France b.7 March 1909 d.27 October 1990
Joseph St.John Yates b.10 October 1808 d.1887
Margaret Elizabeth Yates of Upton, Aylebury, Buckinghamshire b.13 April 1912
Marjory Hylda Gladys Yates b.1892
Myfanwy Elizabeth Yates b.1935
Lieutenant Nicholas Charles St.John Yates of Easterdale, St.Cyrus Royal Marines b.1959
Oswald St.John Luttrell Yates of Stafford Mansions, London b.28 August 1899 d.19 March 1972
Oswald Vavasour Yates of Kingston House, Yeovil b.8 August 1855 d.19 March 1925
Patrick Gervase Yates of Easterdale, St.Cyrus b.1956
Percy Dundonald Scott Yates b.1888 d.after 1918
Reginald Cholmeley Campbell Yates b.1883 d.before 1916
Reginald George Albert Yates b.8 Apr 1916 d.December 1985
Robert Allen Yates
Robin David Sebastian Yates MA (Oxon) b.30 July 1948
Steven Richard Yates b.1958
Major Timothy St.John Yates BA (Cantab) of Tudor Way, Church Crookham, Aldershot Royal Engineers b.20 October 1929
Thomas Charles Maghull Yates of Oriel House, Eydon b.1974


A Young
Allen Young b.18 September 1948
Alona Georgina Young b.6 July 1977
Anthony Edward Young b.22 June 1982
Dorrien Alastair Douglas Young b.8 January 1909 d.2 November 1959
David Young
Emily Rose Young b.31 August 1980
Brigadier Ernest Douglas Young b.1872 d.20 February 1957
Brigadier Guy Ronald Young b.20 April 1914
John Young b.26 May 1953
Joyce Mary Young b.13 December 1910
Roderick Allen Young b.8 February 1916 d.10 June 1944
Roderick Keith Newbolt Young b.11 April 1948
Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Douglas Young b.30 June 1951
Sophie Joanne Young b.23 December 1977
Major Thomas Simpson Young b.1863 d.6 June 1931

Yuill or Yull

Elizabeth L Yuill b.1844 d.1893
Elsie May Ford Yuill
Emily Reid Yuill b.1853 d.1883
Ford Yuill
George Yuill b.1848 d.1918
George Skelton Yuill b.1848 d.1918
James Yuill d.1905 in Aberdeen aged 98
James Yuill
John Ford Yuill b.1846 died in Australia
Keith Yuill
Margaret Skelton Yuill b.1851 d.1898
Margaret Yuill
Mary Joan Yuill
William Yuill or William Yull
William Yuill b.1842 d.1922
Winifreda Yuill b.1883

List index


Major Lawrence Aldred Mervyn Dundas, the Earl of Ronaldshay, 3rd Marquess of Zetland
Sir Lawrence John Lumley Dundas, 2nd Marquess of Zetland KG PC GSCI GCIE
Lawrence Mark Dundas, 4th Marquess of Zetland b.1937

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