John Charles Jeans of Southampton

Generation 3

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John Charles Jeans b.20 March 1856 at Southampton Freemantle.

Son of John Jeans b.1817 at Christchurch near Bournemouth and Maria Bulpit b.1831.

Married Mary Ann Ives b.18 December 1858 at Lambeth, daughter of an Ives and a Jane Bible.

They had 16 children in all, amongst whom:

F i Maria Alberta
M ii John Frederick d.October 1952
Married (1) Unknown having children
Married (2) Ethel Carter d.1940 having children
Alberta, a surgeon,
John Stanton, Church of England priest and naval chaplain
George b.13 July 1924 d.5 December 1971, General Practitioner.
 (married 1951 June Heslop b.1927, having children
  Juliet b.1954,
  Sara b.1955,
  Timothy b.1957)
Married (3) Unknown (Lily?), previously married with her own children.
M iii Ernest
F iv Rebecca Louisa
Married Henry Caswell having a son
Alec, somehow 'in paper', whether that was either publishing or paper bags.
F v Lavinia Nina
F vi Lulla
F vii Lillian Maud d.17 March 1956.
M viii George Henry b.3 December 1888 at London.
Married 16 August 1919 Daisy Dorothy Levens b.29 December 1895 at London SW17 d.4 July 1970 at Epsom.
F ix Anne Emily "Nan" b.5 January 1891
F x Nina. Named after Nina Ives.
M xi Arthur Ernest. Churchwarden at Forest Hill, South east London in 1956. Broker in the City.
Married Muriel. They had two daughters
M xii Thomas Charles. Music teacher at Bembridge School, Isle of Wight and Windermere. Amateur astronomer of some note. He went blind in the 1950s, regained his sight after operations.
Married his nurse Elisabeth.
F xiii Mary died young.
F xiv Charles died young.
F xv Norah Mary [picture]. Automotive and electrical engineer, working with Rootes Group on fluid drive. Later took to the law and became a barrister in Commercial Law. Lived at Dolphin Square, London. Passed pilot's qualifications, and reputedly had a rich swiss boyfriend.
F xvi Lieutenant Commander Frederick Albert Cyprian RN d.13 October 1969. Name originates with St Cyprian's Church, Brockley. Joined the Navy in 1915 as a boy seaman.
Married Ailsa, having the following children:
Valery, marine propulsion engineer;
Edwina, actress, lives in Zimbabwe.

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John Charles Jeans was a shipwright apprenticed as a carpenter on The Great Northern Railway, working as far north as Watford, and the story goes that the style of station canopies changed at his leaving the company. He became master shipwright at Humphrey & Tennants yard on the Thames at Deptford.

The site of the yard, long gone, was identifiable up to the 1950's by massive sheerlegs then still standing on the foreshore below the yard site. JCJ is said to have worked on the fitting out of the Victoria & Albert Royal Yacht, and when the yard broke her up, he had a quantity of the mahogany from the boiler casings, from which he made the dining table which George & Daisy Jeans had for a wedding present.

Later he ran a cabinet-making business and is reputed to have made the Nelson display cases at Greenwich. he lived at one time at Brockley, Kent.

Lived at 94 Adelaide Road, Brockley (John lived at 54) then 3 Eastern Road, and before that 26 Adelaide Road. Adelaide Road houses backed on to or were close Hilly Fields, a large "open space" where George Henry was taken by John Charles to see last open air prize fight (illegal) in London. John Charles and Mary Ann buried in Brockley Cemetery in Ivy Lane in family plot.

The Ives family were from Ireland. Mary Ann Ives came from Dublin when very young in the 1860s. She had at least two sisters, Lulla and Nina.

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Norah Jeans

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