Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Anderson

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Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Anderson CB¹ KH² b.1790 d.1877 [picture].
¹CB 1844
²KH 1838 abbreviation for 'Knight of the Guelphic Order of Hanover', which did not carry a title; it was invented by the Prince Regent in 1815 and discontinued as a personal royal honour when Salic law prevented Queen Victoria also becoming King of Hanover.

Son of James Anderson 1st of Rispond b.1746 d.1828 and Fairlie or Fairly Gordon d.1790 aged 25. More information

Married in 1826 at London Mary Campbell, only daughter of Colonel Alexander Campbell [note 1] of the 78th Foot (The Seaforth Highlanders)

They had the following children:

F i Mary Warkman b.1827 at Portsmouth d.
Married in 1846 in Australia Alfred Rush son of George and Clarissa Rush of Elsenham Hall, Essex, Captain in 50th (later Queen's Own Royal West Kent) Regiment. They had the following children:

Alfred George Anderson b.1851 at Carmarthen
George Acland Gordon b.1852 at Carmarthen
William Beaumarice b.1854 at Carmarthen
Mary Clarissa b.1856 at Carmarthen
(married Rev. James George Williams) ;
Joseph Arthur b.1858 Farthinghoe ;
John Campbell b.1860 Farthinghoe [note 2] .
M ii James Joseph b.1828 at Stockport d.1828
M iii

Colonel William Acland Douglas b.1829 at Blackburn d.1882, named after his father's friend General Acland. CMG 1878. Commissioned into 50th (later Queen's Own Royal West Kent) Regiment, Lieutenant and Adjutant 1848, Captain 1852. Exchanged to 65th (later York and Lancaster) Regiment, sold out 1853. Civil Service in VIctoria and afterwards Member of Legislative Assembly 1854-6. Raised a Volunteer Rifle Corps in Melbourne 1855, and was Commandant of all Victoria forces from 1862 till his death.
Married in 1856 Caroline Davidson d.1921 aged 83, daughter of Colonel Alexander Davidson HEICS. Caroline, Anderson and Acland Streets, in South Yarra, Melbourne are named after members of this Anderson branch. They had the following children:
Mary Josephine Gordon b.1857 d.1933
 (married in 1883 Colonel William Henry Thompson d.1930 aged 86, 1st KDGs, son of General T Thompson, Indian Army, having 2 children );
Fairlie Caroline Gordon b.1859 d.1934
 (married Colonel Arthur John Watson d.1900 in South African war aged 46 having 3 children );
Captain Acland Alfred Gordon b.1862 d.1926 unmarried, 3rd DGs, retired 1897;
Lieutenant Douglas Alexander Gordon b.1867 d.1889 in India unmarried, 3rd DGs.

M iv John Joseph b.1831 at Templemore, Ireland d.1841
F v Ferlina Gordon b.1833 at Birr Ireland d.1909
Married in 1856 Daniel Lloyd Jones of Llandovery, Camarthen d.1893. Had an estate near Avenel, Victoria. They had 2 daughters .
F vi Elizabeth Anne "Lily" b.1835 at Norfolk Island, Australia. Known as 'Lily' due to her pale complexion.
Married in 1856 in Australia Paul de Castella, member of an old Swiss family from Berne. He owned Yeringberg Vineyard near Lilydale in Victoria, the town being named after his wife. They had two children .
M vii Juliet Vivian b.1839 at Norfolk Island, Australia. Mount Juliet, a well-known landmark near Healesville, is named after her.
Married in 1859 Charles Hugh Lyon of Ballanee, Ballan, Victoria. They had 4 children .

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After carrying the colours at the Battle of Maida when so many were killed all around, Joseph was presented by Colonel Alec Campbell (his later wife, Mary's, father) to Brigadier-General Acland, and that night he was invited to the General's dinner table. He recommended the names to George Geddes which he gave to his 10th child, and were subsequently used by the whole family, as those two men had given him such confidence.
Commissioned 1805 aged 15 in the 78th Foot; carried the Colours at the Battle of Maida in Calabria, Italy, 1806; Egyptian campaign 1807; Peninsular War with the 24th Foot (South Wales Borderers); present at Talavera 1809, Busaco 1810, Fuentes d'Honoro; to West Indies with the rank of Captain in York Chasseurs 1815; capture of Guadaloupe; 50th Foot (Royal West Kent Regiment) 1821; major 1825; with 50th to Sydney 1833; Commandant Norfolk Island, Australia 1833-9; Lieutenant-Colonel 1839; took 50th to India; temporarily Brigadier-General in Mahratta Campaign; severely wounded at Punniar 1843; sick leave with his family in Australia 1845-7; resumed command of the 50th Cawnpore 1848; regiment returned to Dover, where he sold out for 1,500 plus 4,500 the regulation amount for command, and retired to Australia; member Legislative Council 1852-6; owned Mangalore Sheep run of 85,000 acres 60 miles north of Melbourne which he occupied alone from 1850 to 1863 when he sold it to a William Forlonge.

Joseph Anderson wrote an autobiography, "Recollections of a Peninsular Veteran". IThere are two other books which give details of Joseph Anderson's time as Commandant of Norfolk Island, Australia; "The Commandants - The Tyrants Who Ruled Norfolk Island" by M.G.Britts 1980 ISBN 0 947163 06 9 and "Convict Kingston" by Nan Smith 1997 ISBN 0 646 32027 0. Alfred Rush is cited in another book "To Face the Daring Maoris: Soldiers' Impressions of the First Maori War 1845-47" by Michael Barthorp 1979 ISBN 0 340 22719 2. (Email from Angela Thomas sent 30 April 2020 19:50.)

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[Note 1] Colonel Alexander Campbell lived in Northumberland where Mary Campbell was educated with the Percy children at Alnwick Castle. Mary's brother, Septimus Campbell, brought Joseph's sheep to Goulburn in 1838 and helped to work
[Note 2] Email from Angela Thomas sent 30 April 2020 19:50.

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Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Anderson CB KH b.1790 d.1877

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