James Anderson 1st of Rispond

Generation VI 1

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James Anderson 1st of Rispond [picture] b.1746 d.1828

Son of Alexander Anderson of English Mill, Inverugie (3) b.1676 d.1754. More information

Married (1) in 1772 Ann Innes d.1783 aged 32, daughter of William Innes b.1711 d.1755 in Kirkton, St Fergus Parish, and sister of Janet Innes, who married this James' brother Alexander Anderson RN. William Innes had a son Alexander and 3 daughters, and through him a grandson James Innes b.1796 d.1841 who died unmarried, so this branch of the Innes family died out, though the Innes name has been given to many in the family since.

They had the following children:

M i Alexander b.1773 at Old Kirkton, baptised in St Fergus parish, died young.
M ii James, 2nd of Rispond b.1776 d.1854. Shipowner, sheep farmer, Factor of Lord Reay
Married Catherine Munro. They had one son, killed in a riding accident, and eight daughters. His ships were mainly in the north european trade, and also from the east coast of England to Ireland. He created the Rispond garden by his ships bringing soil as ballast back from Ireland.
M iii George b.1778 d.1819
Married in 1818 at Peterhead Elizabeth Alexander, died 1870 aged 82
M iv Alexander b.1779 d. in West Indies, unmarried.
M v Captain William b.1780 d.1816.
Married in 1806 Amelia Reid d.1865 aged 85.

Married (2) in 1783 Fairlie or Fairly Gordon d.1790 aged 25, second daughter of Captain Charles Gordon of Pulrossie, Factor of Reay, and Catherine Sage who lived at Clerkhill near the parish church of Farr. Fairlie and her father are mentioned in the Memorabilia Domestica by Donald Sage, 1889.

They had the following children:

M vi Charles b.1784 d. young.
M vii Thomas b.1786 d.1864. Set on soldiering, he was undaunted by defective eyesight, enlisted in the 78th Foot (Seaforth Highlanders) in which his brothers were officers and was eventually commissioned. Later ran sheep on big farms in Banff and Orkney, and moved to Edinburgh before he died.
Married Johnstone whom he met in the West Indies. They had three children:
William Commissioned in Indian Army HEICS and died in India unmarried;
Doctor John MD in Liverpool. Unmarried
Ferlina d.1865
 (married Captain Lord RN, without issue). In Liverpool in 1854.
M viii 'General' John b.1787 d.1858 unmarried. Major-General HEICS; offered Command of 78th in 1804, but preferred the Madras Light Infantry. Administrator of the Ceded District of Bellary, India. Visited his brother Joseph, then Commandant of Norfolk Island, Australia, then took up, on his brother's account, an estate of 85,000 acres named by them Mangalore 60 miles north of Melbourne on the River Goulburn. Retired to Folkstone on pension, spent some time looking after the sons of George Geddes before returning to India again. He died in Folkstone aged 71.
F ix Alexina Mackay b.1789 d.1865
Married in 1829 John Panton of Knockie Mill, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, who had two children from a previous marriage, called Georgina Ann and Patrick. There were 4 children from this marriage and a grandchild was Field-Marshall Lord Milne GCB GCMG DSO b.1866 d.1948.
M x

Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph CB KH b.1790 d.1877.
Married 1826 at London Mary Campbell, only daughter of Colonel Alexander Campbell of the 78th Foot (The Seaforth Highlanders), having children
William¹, who had children
¹Last four children's info thanks to David Brian Anderson through his webpage.

Married (3) in 1793 Barbara Gordon d.1826 aged 61, daughter of Robert Gordon of Achness. Buried at Peterhead.

They had the following children:

F xi Elizabeth b.1794 d.1838.
Married in 1818 George Geddes d.1840 aged 54, making the first link between the Anderson and Geddes families.
F xii Margaret b.1795.
F xiii Hughina Forbes b.1796.
F xiv Ann b.1798 d.1855. Started a school at 16 Atholl Crescent in Edinburgh for young ladies, which involved some novel methods, including touring Europe.
F xv Georgina b.1799.
Married Balfour Stewart, who through the Balfours of Pilrig makes the link with Robert Louis Stevenson
F xvi Caroline b.1801.
M xvii Rupert b.1802.
F xviii Ferlina b.1803.
F xix Janet Dunbar b.27 May 1805 at Ousdale, Caithness, baptised there 3 Jun 1805. ¹.
M xx Robert Gordon b.1807 at Ousdale, Caithness and baptised there 31 July 1807 ¹.
F xxi Hannah b.1808 at Ousdale, Caithness and baptised there 10 Spetember 1808 ¹.

¹ Birth location thanks to Christina Baldwin - email sent 29 September 2010 09:00 received 29 September 2010 09:01 - who also put me in the right direction for the baptism records on the excellent Freereg site, http://www.freereg.org.uk

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Other information

1st of Rispond, on Loch Erriboll, North coast of Scotland. A sheep farmer, he was recorded in Brora, Sutherland, in 1773. Afterwards he went to a farm called Kealdale in Lord Reay's country, close to Rispond, and stayed until 1802. Then he built the house of Rispond [picture] and became Lord Reay's factor. He gave up Rispond to his son James (VII 2) in 1814 having taken a sheep farm near Ousdale / Ausdale in Caithness [picture], where some of his children were born 1805 - 7. He thence went to Orkney. Thence with his third wife to Alehouse Hill, Inverugie, near Peterhead, where they both died.
Alexander Anderson (VII 25), this man's nephew, told John (China) Anderson (VIII 32) of him, that when he was 80 years old, he was as active as a man of 30 years.
James Anderson is mentioned in the Memorabilia Domestica by Donald Sage, 1889

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Barbara Gordon's ancestry

James IV of Scotland, before he became king, was secretly married in 1847 to Margaret Drummond d.1501 (died at the same time as her sisters Euphemia Drummond and Sybella Drummond, probably in the epidemic of that year), daughter of John Lord Drummond of Stobhall and that ilk, Baron of Conesaig and Stewart of Strathearn. James IV had Masses said for his first wife to the end of his life. The result of this union was Lady Margaret Drummond Stuart, who married John Lord Gordon, and their son was 4th Earl of Huntly. His daughter, Jean Gordon, first became Countess of Bothwell, wife of the Earl of Bothwell whom Mary Queen of Scots determined to marry. By Royal Act she had Jean Gordon divorced, and subsequently Jean Gordon married Alexander 11th Earl of Sutherland. Their daughter, the second Jean Gordon of Sutherland, married Hugh Mackay of Farr. Their son, John Mackay of Dirlet (younger brother of Donald Mackay 1st Lord Reay) had a son John Mackay of Kirtney, whose daughter Janet Mackay married Robert Mackay, Tutor of Farr. Their daughter, Elizabeth Mackay married Robert Gordon of Achness, and their daughter Barbara Gordon is the one who married James Anderson 1st of Rispond, the subject of this page.

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Rispond 1974

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Rispond Harbour 2009

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Ousdale Farm from the road

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Ousdale Farmhouse, built by James Anderson in 1804

Thanks to Christina Baldwin

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Anderson family tree

Information is largely taken from the book 'The Andersons of Peterhead'. This was based on the records made by John Anderson 1825/1903 [VIII 32], known as 'China John'. This was brought up to date in 1936 by Cecil Ford Anderson [X 17] and Agnes Donald Ferguson [CS 45 X b]. Many photographs were taken and compiled in an album by Olive Edis (daughter of Mary Murray, daughter of Andrew Murray (2) of Aberdeen). Corrections to both Janet Innes Anderson's and Alexander Murray's death dates from Robert Murray Watt and Iain Forrest.

Forrest family tree

Iain Forrest kindly supplied material to update the Forrest family (progeny of William Forrest) details.

Hibbert family tree

The information is largely taken from a tree compiled by F.B. (she knows who she is!) with extra material found by the author.

Murray family tree

The 'Genealogical Table showing various branches of the Murray family', from which this information was taken, was prepared by Alexander Murray of Blackhouse, extended by Andrew Murray - advocate - Aberdeen circa 1880 and further extended by Arthur Murray Watt 1972. The generational notation is the author's.

Pike family tree

Information from family sources as well as 'Burke's Landed Gentry' 1875

Stevenson family tree and many Stevenson and Anderson photos

Deepest thanks for some fantastic pictures and for writing the wonderful book 'Jobs for the Boys' to Hew Stevenson, which you can see on www.dovebooks.co.uk.

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