Sir James Scott of Balweary, Scotland

Generation 4

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Sir James Scott of Balweary, Scotland d.1606.

Son of Sir William Scott 11th b.1568 and Janet Lindsay of Downhill, Scotland.

Married 23 June 1583 Elizabeth Wardlaw, daughter of Sir Andrew Wardlaw of Torie¹ and (married in 1578) Agnes Dalgleish.

They had the following children:

M i James of Logie (1).
Married Katherine Criek, daughter of Criek of Criek.

27 January, 2010

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From Burke's Peerage of 1832 (rather badly scanned by Google):-


This Anglo-Saxon family was amongst those that fled into Scotland at the period of the Conquest, and, being hospitably received by Xing Malcolm Canmore, settled in that kingdom. Of the Wardlaws, Captain Wardlaw compiled a genealogical account, from their first coming from Saxony iuto England, about the beginning of the sixth century,up to his own time; a copy of which was in the royal library of France until the Revolution ; and, according to family tradition, the elder branch of the house, the Wardlaws, of Torrie, had also a copy, which was carried down to his own time, the close of the fifteenth century, by Sir Henry Wardlaw.

Sir Henry Wahdlaw, knt. of Torrie, in the county of Fife, «i. a niece of Walter, the great steward of Scotland, and had issue, Andrew, liis successor.

Walter, the celebrated Cardinal Wardlaw, Bishop of Glasgow, and ambassador to England in 1368.

Christian, m. to Sir Thomas Hay, of Locke rett, ancestor of the family of Tweeddale.

Ellen, m. to the Count de Rohan, ancestor of the Duke de Rohan. Sir Henry was s. by his elder son,

Sir Andrew Wardlaw, knt. of Torrie, (the genealogist of the family mentioned above), who m. the daughter and heiress of James de Vatloniis, (which alliance brought the estate of Lochor into the Wardlaw family,) by whom he had two sons,

1. William, his successor.

2, Henry, was archbishop of St. Andrews, and one of the most celebrated men of his time. He and hia brother, Sir William, were the faithful friends of Robert III., supporting the sickly monarch, against the insidious arts of the Duke of Albany, when loyalty had almost forsaken the land. To WardlHw the king committed the charge of the heir to the throne, and by him France was selected as a secure retreat for the Karl of Carrick. The captivity of the prince in England, by a breach of the law of nations, was the consequence of this measure, which the prelate could not have foreseen. On the return of the royal James to his kingdom, he found his venerable guardian still filling his archiepLfcopal chair of Saint Andrews. Wardlaw was immediately sent for, and during his life he continued the chief stay of his royal master. Beside* founding the I'niversity, this munificent prelate built a bridge over the mouth of the Eden, of six. arches, long considered the first in Scotland, at hia own expense. Sir Andrew was *. by his elder son,

Sir William Wardlaw, of Torrie, about the year 1421; and dying in 1433, was j. by his son, (by Margaret, daughter of Sir John Oliphant, lineal descendant of the PrinceM Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Bruce),

Sir Henry Wardlaw, of Torric. This gentleman was one of those who attended the daughter of the Scottish monarch on her way to Rocbelle, upon her marriage with the Dauphin of France. He m. Margaret, daughter of John, Lord Lindsay, of Byres, ancestor of the Earls of Crawford, and was s. by his only son,

Sir Robertus Wardlaw, of Torrie and Balroule, who was *. by his son,

Sir Robert Wardlaw, of Torrie, &c. whose son,

Sir John Wardlaw, was the first in the list of names, in the inquisition taken before the sheriff of Fife, in 15171 respecting the landholders in that county. He was A. by his son,

Sir Alexander Wardlaw, of Torrie, who m. Agnes, daughter of the master (afterwards Earl) of Rothes, and was $. by hia eldest son,

Sir Henry Wardlaw, who was summoned to parliament in 1560. He d. s.p.vad was s. by his brother,

Sir Andrew Wardlaw, of Torrie, who m. in 1578, Agnes Dalgleish, and left, with a daughter, who m. Sir James Scott, of Balweary, two sons,

Henry, the elder son, succeeded at Torrie, but his male line is now extinct. Sir Cuthbert Wardlaw, (the younger son), received, in patrimony, the lands of Balmule. :i 11 •• - gentleman m. Catherine Dalgleish, by whom he had a very numerous family, and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Henry Wardlaw, of Balmule and of Pi treavie. This gentleman was chamberlain to Queen Anne, of Scotland, consort to King James VI. of that kingdom, and the First of England ; from whom the following letter is still preserved in the family; 1 To our right trusty servant, Henry Wardlaw, of Balmule, chamberlain of our rents of Dnnfermline." Anna Regina. •• Henry Wardlaw.

" Having appointed the Lady Wintown, younger, to assist for us at the christening of the Earl of Hume's child, these arc to require you to wait upon her at that time, and, according to our custom, to distribute, in our name, amongst the servant*, the sum of 900 merks Scots, and the same shall be thankfully allowed to you again in your accompts. '* Given under our hand, at Whitehall, the 28th October, 1012." Sir Henry was t. at his decease, by his eldest son,

1. Henry Wardlaw, esq. of Pitreavle, who was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1631, and wan x. by Ilia eldest son,

1. Sir Henry, who in. 21th April, 1072, Elizabeth, daughter of John Skene, etio,. of Halliards, and had issue,

Henry,his successor.

George, who s. as fifth baronet.

David, the seventh baronet.

William, b. in 1080 ; m. Miss Biasct, and had (with a daughter and another son) Alexander, who m. Miss Campbell, and was father of Willam Wardlaw, esq. who inherited as eleventh (and present; baro- net.

Sir Henry was succeeded at his decease, by his eldest son,

3. Sir Hi Mm. This gentleman m. in ]li»6, ! :i iln'ili. second daughter of Sir Charles Halket, baronet, of Pitferran, by whom he had, with four daughters, his successor,

4. Sir Henry; at whose decease, without issue, the title reverted to his uncle,

5. Sir Georoe, who m. Miss Oliphant, and was > by his only son,

8. Sir Henry, a military officer; at whose decease, unmarried, the baronetcy devolved upon his uncle,

7. Sir David. This gentleman m. Jean, only child and heiress of Holland, eaq. of Craighouse, and was > by his only son, (Sir David m. a second time, but had no issue),

8. Sin Henry, who m. Miss Janet Taylor, by whom he had two sons and five daughters, and dying in 1782, was J. by his elder son,

9. Sir David. This gentleman m. Margaret, daughter of Andrew Symson, esq. of Broomhead, by whom he had five sons and three daughters, and was g. 13th April, 1703, by his youngest and only surviving son,

10. Sir John, a colonel in the army, who m. Jean, second daughter of Charles Mitchell, esq. of Piteadie, and Balbridge, (and sister of the late Admiral Sir Andrew Mitchell, and of Sir Charles Mitchell,) by his wife, Margaret Forbes, niece of Sir David Forbes, of Ncwhall, bart. by whom he had several children ; but left at his decease in 1823, an only surviving daughter and heiress,

Jane, who m. Andrew Clarke, Jan. esq. of Comrie Castle, in the county of Perth,

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