Arthur Pease DL MP

Generation 2

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Arthur Pease DL MP b.12 September 1837 at Darlington d.27 August 1898 at Callington, Cornwall. More information

Son of Joseph Pease b.22 June 1799 at Darlington d.8 Feb 1872 at Darlington, MP & Industrialist, the first Quaker to be sent to the House of Commons, and (married 20 March 1826) Emma Gurney b.27 September 1800 at Lakenham Grove, Norwich d.11 Apr 1860 at Darlington. More information

Married 14 April 1864 Mary Lecky Pike b.1843 d.14 December 1915 at London, daughter of Ebenezer Pike (3) of Besborough, County Cork b.25 March 1806 d.29 March 1883 and Lydia Clibborn Pike d.22 March 1900.

They had the following children:

M i Arthur Francis, Baronet b.11 March 1866 at Darlington d.26 November 1927 at Middleton Tyas
Married 1 October 1889 Laura Matilda Ethelwyn Allix b.14 May 1867 at Swaffham, Cambridge d.4 January 1936 at Richmond, daughter of Charles Peter Allix and Laura Agneta Wellington Bevan. They had the following children:
Richard Arthur, Baronet b.18 November 1890 at Tees Grange, Darlington d.13 Nov 1969 buried 18 Nov 1969 at St Michael's Church, Middleton Tyas.
 (married (1) 19 January 1917 Jeanette Thorn Kissel b.30 Aug 1890 at Morristown, New Jersey d.3 November 1957 at Richmond,
 daughter of Gustav Edward Kissel b.1854 d.1911 and Caroline Roberts Thorn b.1858 d.1949
 having children
  Arthur Peter b.15 February 1918 killed in action flying 15 September 1940,
  Aline Thorn b.1919 at Richmond
  [married (1) 1 May 1940 Patrick Claude Hannay b.16 October 1912 in USA d.24 May 1940 in action over France without issue
  married (2) 12 February 1941 Kenneth James William Mackay, Earl of Inchcape b.27 December 1917 at Uckfield d.1994
  son of Kenneth Mackay, Earl of Inchcape d.1939 and Frances Caroline Joan Moriaty d.1933,
  having children
   Hon. Lucinda Louise b.1941 at Ascot,
   Kenneth, Earl of Inchcape b.1943 at London,
   James Jonathan Thorn b.1947 at London
  married (3) 4 June 1955 Thomas Chambers Windsor Roe b.23 March 1917 at Hove d.1988,
  son of John Valentine Roe and Emma Maud Otimer Windsor,
  having children
   Oriel McLane Thorn b.1956 at Lausanne,
   Patrick Rupert Windsor b.1960 at London]

  Richard Thorn, Baronet b.1922 at Richmond
  [married 9 March 1956 Anne Heyworth b.10 Apr 1924,
  daughter of Lt. Col. Reginald Francis Heyworth b.1896 d.1941 and Hon. Moyra Marjoribanks b.1902,
  having children
   Carolyn Thorn b.1957 at Windsor
   Richard Peter b.1958 at Bywell Castle
   Nichola b.1961 at Bywell castle d.1994]

  Derrick Allix b.1927 d.1998
  [married 24 July 1951 Rosemary Portman b.3 March 1931 at Staple Fitzpayne Manor,
  daughter of Edward Claude Berkeley, Viscount Portman b.1898 d.1942 and Hon Sybil Mary Douglas-Pennant b.1901 d.1975,
  having children,
   Jonathan Edward b.1952,
   Rosalind Jeanette b.1954,
   Christopher Berkley b.1958,
   Arthur David b.1961]

 married (2) 19 April 1961 Laura Margaret Martin b.20 November 1891 at Cork d.1982);
Mary Ethelwyn b.18 Feb 1892 at Tees Grange, Darlington d.1980;
Dorothy Laura b.21 Apr 1893
 (married 6 October 1927 John Harold Mousley b.26 August 1885 at New Barnet d.28 January 1959 at Northallerton in a car crash,
 son of James Alfred Mousley and Ada Churton, having children
  Laura Frances b.18 March 1929 at London,
  James Arthur b.20 February 1931 at London,
  [married 21 October 1961 Gro Rieve Kristiansen, daughter of L. R. Kristiansen]
  Ethelwyn Ada b.18 January 1933 at Hong Kong
  [married 8 October 1955 Christopher John Arnold Dixon b.5 Jun 1895 at Birmingham,
  son of Hubert John Dixon and Mary Frances Arnold, having children
   Anthony John b.1958 at Wimbledon
   Phyllida Mary b.1960 at Wimbledon
   Timothy James b.1962 at Oxted]
Elizabeth Frances b.2 Aug 1894 at Tees Grange, Darlington
 (married 25 November 1919 Frank O'Brien Wilson b.10 April 1883 at Cliffe Hall, Darlington d.7 April 1962 at Kilima Kiu, Kenya,
 son of John Gerald Wilson and Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'Brien,
 having children
  Elizabeth Theresa b.30 October 1920 at Nairobi, Kenya
  [married 12 August 1959 George Maurice Churcher b.2 August 1893 at Alverstoke, Hants,
  son of George Churcher and Ada Minnie Broomfield]
  Richard O'Brien b.27 April 1922 at Kilima Kiu, Kenya
  [married Anne Florence Rowan-Thomson b.30 Sep 1923 at Glasgow
  daughter of John Leslie Rowan-Thomson and Florence Lighton Stubbs,
  having children
   Jeremy James O'Brien b.1949 at Cape Town
   Patrick Murrough b.1951 at Nairobi
   Michael Rowan b.1952 at Paignton, Devon
   Graeme Richard b.1958 at Nairobi]
  Arthur Denis b.1 September 1924 at Kilima Kiu, Kenya
  [married 29 June 1946 Claire Highton b.5 September 1924 at St Bees,
  daughter of Langton Highton and Marjorie Thompson, having children
   Hilary Frances b.1947 at Nairobi
   Christopher Denis Langton b.1949 at Cockermouth]
  Dorothy Vivien b.22 Jan 1928 at Kilima Kiu, Kenya);
M ii Herbert Pike, Lord Daryngton b.7 May 1867 at Darlington at London. They had the following children:
Margaret Alice b.3 April 1895 at Great Ayton d.,
Ronald Herbert Pike b.3 October 1896 at Great Ayton killed in action 15 Sep 1916, in France
Ruth Evelyn b.8 July 1900 d.
 (married 3 June 1925 Norman Ernest Archer b.27 August 1892 at Stavanger, Norway,
 son of Walter Edward Archer and Alice Lima Hay Murray, having children
  Esther Joy b.24 May 1926 at London,
  [married 5 April 1952 Robert Blackburn b.26 September 1927
  son of Thomas Henry Blackburn and Mabel Shankey, having children
   Kari Ruth b.1954 at Somerset
   Lucy Patricia b.1956 at Uxbridge]

  Ronald Walter b.12 December 1929 at Ockham, Surrey);
Phyllis Helen b.12 September 1904 at Merrow, Surrey d.1987,
Jocelyn b.30 May 1908 d.1994.
F iii Alice Mary b.28 June 1869 at Darlington d.1 February 1945 at London
F iv Rosa Elizabeth b.15 February 1871 at Darlington d.25 Sep 1896 at Marske
F v Winifred Pike b.7 January 1873 at Darlington d.17 September 1957 at Bottisham Hall, Cambridge
Married 23 April 1903 Roger William Bulwer Jenyns b.3 December 1858 at Melbourne, Cambridge d.12 April 1936 at Bottisham Hall, Cambridge. They had the following children:
Roger Soame b.24 April 1904 at Bottisham Hall, Cambridge
 (married 24 April 1941 Anne Thomson Berridge b.1906 d.1996
 daughter of Richard Berridge and Eulalia Mary Leslie, having children
  Roger Gambier b.1942 at Cheam,
  John Fitzgerald Willcox b.1945 at Cambridge);
George Arthur Bulwer b.28 December 1905 at Bottisham Hall, Cambridge d.1991 at Hutton, Guisborough
 (married 29 November 1947 Heather Margaret Spencer b.1915 d.20 March 2008,
 daughter of Huntly Gordon Spencer and Violet Morgan, having children
  Hugh Bulwer b.1949 at Newcastle
  [married 1984 Lesley],
  Caroline b.1954 at Middlesborough
  [married 5 October 1985 Christopher Jerram]);
Captain Edward Thomas Richard b.7 February 1911 at Bottisham Hall, Cambridge killed in action in France 15 June 1944
 (married 2 July 1942 Joan Mary Moore McAllen b.2 October 1911 at Devizes,
 daughter of Lt. Col. Robert Moore Thacker Gillson and Ethel Kenworthy having children
  Sarah Bulwer b.1943 at Ootacamund, India,
  Diana Vere b.1944 at Bideford, Devon).
M vi Claud Edward b.24 November 1874 at Darlington d.22 March 1952 at Gainford, Co. Durham
Married 12 December 1901 Lucy Victoria Browne-Clayton b.3 March 1878 at Dublin d.3 Feb 1953 at Gainford, Co. Durham, daughter of William Clayton Browne-Clayton and Caroline Barton. They had the following children:
Diana Vere b.4 October 1902 at Cliffe House, Marske d.1919
Lucy Margaret b.3 February 1904 at Marske d.1993
 (married 26 July 1939 Claud Cecil O'Hagan b.11 May 1905 at Dublin killed in action 22 July 1943,
 son of Claud O'Hagan and Eva Macgill);
Olive Mary Caroline b.16 May 1906 at Marske
 (married 6 February 1929 William Milne Ross-Skinner b.20 October 1899,
 son of Sir Harry Ross-Skinner and Annie Janet Milne, having children
  Jean Olive b.14 November 1929 d.15 November 1929,
  Shelagh Milne b.1933);
Julia Victoria b.22 January 1910 at Marske
 (married 15 September 1934 Peter Stapleton Buxton b.14 Oct 1904 at Beverley killed in action 18 Jul 1944 at Caen, France,
 son of Geoffrey Charles Buxton b.4 Jun 1879 d.8 Mar 1958 and Clare Florence Mary Stapleton, having children
  Anne Victoria b.1936 at Leicester
  [married 25 April 1959, Robin Slingsby Pease b.24 May 1933 at Crofton on Tees,
  son of Maurice Watson Ridley Pease and Ida Primrose Gordon Davies, having children
   Victoria Julia Diana b.1962 at Aldbrough St John
   Peter Gordon Charles b.1965
   Annabel Primrose Robin b.1971]

  James Geoffrey Pease b.1939 at Gainford
  [married 1970 Meriel Jessica Cowan daughter of Denis Cowan, having children
   Rose Emma b.1973
   Hugh David b.1975]
F vii Evelyn Ada b.10 November 1876 at Darlington d.3 May 1950 at Cambridge

13 February, 2010

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